Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 6/5

Sweeping up the debris from sports reactor #4-

Who’s gonna be the starting TE for New England when the season kicks off? Probably one of the players they have on the roster then.

Boston Bruins player Charlie Coyle is from Weymouth, MA? Why am I just hearing about this now?!

Look on the bright side Austin Seferian-Jenkins; you’ll always be a former Patriot if you ever get yourself arrested.

David Price is still holding all the cards. And the local scribes hate that.

Hey Sudbury’s Duck Soup: get to work making new Sky Bars, willya?

People who work with words should understand the difference between ‘optional’ and ‘mandatory.’ IMO.

Barstool’s Mexican President Portnoy WASN’T a victim of battery due to the legal theory of ‘quisquiliae hominem.’

I think I’ve called Tom Brady ‘The Pharoah’ more times than I’ve called him ‘Tom Terrific.” (shrug)

I want Tom Brady (or more correctly, the TEB Capital Management employee who does such things) to apply for trademark protection for ‘The Sultan of Swat” and “Willis Reed.”

However, my buddy Wayne’s Fatha wants TB12 to trademark “TOM THE TERRIBLE TURKEY WHO SAID TOODLELOO TO TRYING.” That’s a thing he made up back in 2010. Said he was ‘right at the time.’

I wonder what ‘Jeopardy James’ is gonna do with his newly won $2,464,216.

Low thread count or not, this Barstool Bruins towel has already cleaned up *my* toxic masculinity on several non-consecutive occasions!

Toronto Raptors versus the Golden State Warriors is like some sort of regional armed conflict that leaves an outside neutral observer with the desire that both sides somehow manage to lose.

Not for nothing, unnamed Fenway Park head groundskeeper featured in the WEEI weight loss ads: but I wouldn’t have recognized you BEFORE you lost 70 pounds, never mind now. Sorrey!


NBCSports/Boston website: MOAR SLIDESHOWS!!

Cakes are cookin’ today for Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Robert Kraft.

I’m legit excited to see how many of my songs don’t make the transition from iTunes to Apple’s successor app.

Remember this name; William. Patriots. Bendetson.

It’s ‘Bad Takes Week’ over to The MMQB? Do I need to type the punchline?

It’s been over 50 years since a St. Louis team bested a Boston squad in a championship, Bruins. No pressure.

It just occurred to me: Boston has Duckboats AND Swan Boats.

Don’t look now, but Howie’s Kid won the ‘Good Guy Award’ given out by the Professional Football Writers of America. Again.

And yes; they call it that without a hint of irony or self-reflection.

You ever get the feeling that someone who claims on Twitter they went to college in Rhode Island, or tells famous sports figures in improbably diverse locales exactly what he is thinking regarding their teams may be lying?

Feels like it might rain later.

The Venn diagram of “Chara should suck it up and play!” opiners and “Guys who haven’t worked in five years because of a ‘bad back'” is a circle.

Nice trophy, John W. Henry. The one for the footie match, too.

Honk if you remember Pleasure Island in Wakefield.

Best bet for Thursday Night? Black. And Gold.


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