Get Well, Get Well Soon Big Papi

No, WE salute YOU.

Everyone here at The Journal was shocked and saddened to learn Sunday that David Ortiz was shot in the leg, or possibly in Venezuela, during a burglarobbery of some sort. Imagine our increased shock and sadness when we found out that none of that happened as originally reported, and that Papi (as he’s called) was actually more gravely wounded.

Red Sox Slugger David Américo Ortiz Arias. OOTG’s

Here then, offered for your purchasing consideration at the BJBStoreJ, (link) a Special Commemorative Edition Jersey like the one Big Pappi wore during his time in Boston. This pristine jersey in cocaine white with blood red lettering makes a smart addition to the closet of any fan. It features the team name in those funny letters on the front and his name and iconic jersey numeral sewn on the obverse. 1% of the proceeds go to the David Ortiz foundation, naturally. We’re not one to tell you how to fan, but if there’s a better way to show your re24pect for Dave, we don’t know what it is. Thank you. PapiStrong.


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