Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 6/12

Cleaning out the drawer wearing white gloves like that odd Stanley Cup chaperone guy…

Ballplayer Helps Heal City. City Helps Ballplayer Heal. Nice symmetry. Only in Baseball.

Maybe Christian Fauria should have declared Chara to be ‘Dunzo’, as opposed to ‘Doneski?’ (shrug)

So. The Beyhive. They seem nice.

Would the L.A. Lakers undropped-from-the-rafters balloons from 1969 fit inside that St. Louis bar tabbed Sunday to host the Blues Stanley Cup Final Victory celebration?

Why not just ASK the Bruins if you can be Banner Captain Kevin Paul Dupont? The worst they can say is no.

Hey City of Boston, howsabout *doubling* the width of the bicycle lanes, so that handicapped bicyclists have space on the street too?

You know, I do believe the Red Sox need a dedicated new closer. There; I said it.

I’m 95% certain ‘Dack Edzo’ was a supporting character in the Star Wars prequels.

City on a Hill three word review: Needs More Kevins.

Congratulations to Rafael Nadal for winning the French Open. Unless it was one of the other two men’s tennis players who won. Not sure.

It’s Jack Easterby’s world. We’re just living in it.

You know who was happy about all that tree pollen? Car washes! And probably the trees, too, come to think of it.

Hey gang, now David Ortiz has a Dominican Death Certificate to go with his Dominincan Birth Certificate!

Too soon?

Doesn’t it seem like Flag Day comes earlier every year?

News Item: Bill Belichick cancels last two mandatory Patriots OTA’s. So much for the “No Days Off” “Patriot Way”, huh? Smdh.

MBTA should spin all the recent train derailments as being part of a suicide prevention initiative.

It’s officially MIAA Boys Lacrosse State Championship SZN.

You’re better than that, Toronto. Or at least better than Boston, according to Wokeness Point Acquisition Lady on Twitter.

Upton Bell is atypically competent in using his block button feature on Twitter. More’s the pity.

FIFA Women’s World Cup? yes, FIFA Women’s World Cup!

Whiskey Cavalier gets cancelled, but Blood & Treasure premieres. When a door closes, a window opens.

Announcing that you’re the fan of another MLB team, but still wish Big Papi a speedy recovery seems unnecessarily superfluous to me. Like the ‘unnecessarily’ in the previous sentence.

A little birdie tells me Brooks Koepka is one to watch at the U.S. Open this weekend.

For some, NORK refers to North Korea, but to me, it will always stand for ‘North Andover’s Rob Konrad.’

Go beat Finland now (so to speak) and finish the job, Bruins.

It’s always nice to know there’s a Godzilla movie in the theaters.

Old and busted: 53 man roster projections. New Hotness? 45 Man Roster Projections!

I think the Red Sox would play better if they could hear the disappointment in Joe Castiglione’s voice like the rest of us.

Honk if you remember Sweeney’s Gay Nineties.

Best bet this weekend? USWNT.


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