“Grampie Glenn’s Trying To Log On To AOL Again!”

While no one was looking, Grampie Glenn snuck out of Room 5.3 at the home, fired up AOL, and logged on to the Twitter machine.

There’s something… familiar about these tweets.

You know, it’s like I’ve heard this stuff before. I can’t place them, but I think I’m experiencing deja vu.

It’s killing me – I am certain I’ve heard the exact same thing somewhere else before. It’ll come to me.

Side note: Perhaps if the Celtics were to add Gramp’s co-host Futility Lou Merloni, they could be worse and less likeable, just like afternoon drive on EEI.

It’s so close – it’s on the tip of my tongue. I know where these takez came from!

Ahh, here it is.

Gampy just repeates what he’s heard from Nana Felcher!

After nearly 5 decades as a mediot, is this what it’s come to for Grampy Glenn: Aggregating and parroting Michael Felcher like a septuagenarian Tony Massarotti?

It appears so. I’ll grudgingly even give credit to @WEEI twitter accounts for covering 985 more thoroughly than Nana Felcher’s butler, Charred Finn.

Here, the genius of WEEI program director Joe Zarbano is on full display. It takes full balls and an empty cranium to provide advertising to the iceberg currently ripping through your hull rather than promoting Barstool’s newest hire/disgruntled future ex-employee Kirk Minihane when he was in your employ.

Bold move, Cotton Mouth Joe. There are 4.7 reasons your job is in jeopardy.

Mercifully, June is the last month of the spring arbitron ratings book, and Grampa Glennie has been showing an interest in new things: he’s been listening to a lot of Shania Twain, Johnny Cash, and Garth Brooks.

Old DJs never die, they just change formats.

Godspeed, Grampie Glenn. Yee-haw.


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