Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 6/19

Sorting the drawer into ‘reporting’ and ‘opinion’ piles…

Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors. And a reminder that actual velociraptors were turkey-sized. Well, they were!

A 17 inning game? My word! When did the Red Sox get back to their hotel?

Anthony Davis to be a Laker, and no longer a Pel. What are you gonna do?

2011 aside, the Bruins seem destined to act as a local reminder of how hard it can be to win a championship series.

That ‘necessary reminder’ job used to be the NE Revolution’s fate. Perhaps it shall be again, and more. Here’s to a bit more success to them over their next 25 years.

Boy, that Somerville mayor really wants Kirk Minihane’s podcast to succeed!

That said, there still remains a chance that the Kirk to Barstool Sports thing winds up as a trainwreck.

News Item: Rare Blue Lobster Sent to Cape Cod Restaurant to Be Donated to St. Louis Aquarium. A nice gesture. Hopefully now people will stop calling Boston racist.

As a writer, John Rooke is a good public address announcer.

David Ortiz in ‘good’ condition is great news. Keep upgrading, Big Papi.

Lou Merloni won’t have Al Horford to kick around anymore.

Waiting for mendacious muppet Ben Volin to re-pivot to ‘Okay, that was just my opinion’ as to the Nick Caserio situation down there in Foxboro.

Aloha means goodbye, Kyrie. Aloha.

Celtics have 3 first round picks, and most likely cap room with Irving and Horford gone, so of course everyone is invested in hanging crepe. Rick Pitino was right.

Now are Bobos a type of Honk, or a different thing altogether? I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer to this.

I guess we’re released now from thinking Anna Horford’s tweets are interesting?

I’m hearing that the hacker who was prepared to release candid snaps of Bella Thorne before she preempted him is named George Glass.

I hear tell the worst part about steeping your guinea tea is leaving the plastic bag on.

You can call it the Travelers Championship, but it will always be The Greater Hartford Open to me.

Ahhhh! Carpenter bees!!!

Harrison Burton in the #18 Toyota is a face to watch in the NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series.

A proposal, the United States switches to metric for real this time, if the rest of the world agrees to use clocks that count down and not up in soccer.

That Carla Gugino can still stretch a dress.

Did the Baha Men ever get to the bottom of that whole thing?

Boston still misses Len Bias.

Honk if you remember Coffee Connection.

Best bet for this weekend? Chris Sale vs the Blue Jays.


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