Yup, These Are Your Mediots: The Weak In Review

Ben Volin is a dummy – this has never been in dispute. 

He’s reminded BJBSJ this week (while taking target practice on his own foot) that he’s a disingenous, muckraking liar, too.  The clickbait aggregators at Florio’s Takez Farm cited a Mittens report on Monday:

Later that day, Morrissey Boulevard’s most infamous paste-eating dullard reversed course.  Fact, not opinion.   Or his opinion wasn’t a fact.  At any rate, a person who uses words to make a living doesn’t need to make clear points.

Here’s the actual Globe headline from Mittens’ piece:

Volin’s “opinion” is that it’s a “real story”?  That’s some serious delusion.  Some might even call it ‘hubris’.  But then, Volin suddenly reversed course on reversing course.

My “informed speculation” is this:  Volin is a lying turd who can’t keep his stories straight.  Unfortunately, he and the Globe got exactly what they wanted:  clicks and exposure, facts be damned (though one can argue an appearance with Mut and the Mailman is the opposite of exposure).  Still, the Wheel of Gutless Mediots keeps churning out tripe, and then glad-hand one other to promote said tripe.  Of course, #BJBSJ had it first.

The Concord Monitor‘s Dave Brown summed up L’Affaire Mittens perfectly.

This isn’t the first time that Volin has authored flat-out falsehoods of Tomase-esque girth.  In a time-honored Globe tradition, Simple Ben dances for his overlords by, you guessed it, attacking anything Patriots.  This despicable smearing of former Pats LB Darius Fleming in 2018 has been lost over time, but it’s a perfect example of Volin’s malevolence:

Fleming saved a woman’s life.  Volin called bullshit on it until he was embarrassed by the Walpole Police. 

The long story short is this:  Ben Volin is a lying, obtuse asshole – ergo, the perfect Globie.   He’s our BJBSJ mediot of the week.  

Stop me if you’ve heard this before:  Boston’s pre-eminent Libelist John Tomase spins another ripping yarn.

The overwrought prose in this work of fiction is more sicky sweet than Almost-A-Coach Bedard’s Triple Mocha Frappucino with the standard 17 Splendas.  I’ll save you the click and give you the lowlights:

Tomase thinks he’s Roger Angell, but you’ll be hoping for a visit from the Angel of Death after reading this Harlequin Romance level bullshit.

In a horrendously researched piece chock full of errors and half-truths, this whopper jumped off the page in our BJBSJ roundtable.

This info was unearthed by @kfpeters of the BJBSJ I-Team:

I’m going to take a wild guess the attending physician didn’t immediately call Tomase’s school bus driver at 8:56am in June of ’86  to break the news to Tomase and his “Bias hat”.  Kevin Cullen would be embarrassed by this overly dramatic story arc.   Does anyone edit at NBCS Boston?   (We know what the answer is to that question for WEEI.com and a Hyperlocal Huckster with four mortgages in Medway.)  Keep Rollo Tomase out of your life; BJBSJ will listen and read so you don’t have to.

Uh-oh.  Gampy Glenn is back on the internet, and his Nana Felcher imitation is embarrassing.

I’d elaborate, however sourcez tell me that Gampy swiped Nana’s warmth napkins to clean up a mess of tapioca pudding after seeing OMF’s cute lil’ ratings.   Yee-haw, Gampie.

From the world of Mediot Worshipers, out at the Framingham Takez Asylum, Mensa Matt angles to replace Mike LoyKKKo at the BS Jourinal.

In the William Bendetson Universe, a salty Smaven is the best Smaven.

In fledgling Cute Lil’ podcast news, Entercom excile Kirk Minihane is in the process of developing a rotating band of professional gigglers, which could potentially keep the virtually unemployable Mark Moroso off the public dole.  

The Morning Zookeepers at 985 have to be kicking themselves for not thinking of the wacky ‘human in a dog suit’ stunt first.  Zoinks!

Some good news:  it appears the healing has begun between Minihane and the passengers at Sinking Ship dot com.  While EEI hawks boner pills, Kirk is plugging wipes to keep that boner longer.  Synergy!  GETROMAN!!

Here’s a pro tip from an aspiring mediot:  When selfies don’t pay the bills, ask your followers to pay them for you. 

While Charred Finn packs the Felcher household for a weekend on Nantucket, BJBSJ gives you the weak in Boston mediocy.



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