Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 6/26

Performing an after-hours freelance necropsy on the Sports Shark, and cataloguing the stomach contents…

It’s like that old baseball saying goes; you can’t win the division, or the first Wild Card spot, or the second Wild Card spot in June, but you can lose the division, or the first Wild Card spot, or the second Wild Card spot in June. Only in baseball.

Some pretty ticky-tack penalties in that USWNT game, IMO. But a W is a W.

I don’t care how you spell it, that Marc James is a Capital ‘T’ talent.

I’m starting to wonder if Kyrie Irving wants to stay here after his latest Instagram post where he demanded ‘a better TD Garden video tribute than Isaiah Thomas got when he comes back next season with his new team.’ Weird.

Can you BELIEVE the voting for the All-Star Game? I know!

Does anyone know if there’s a listing of Harvard Alumni Venmo accounts? Asking for a friend.

Why doesn’t the claymation Bob’s Discount Furniture Guy have the same voice has the real life Bob’s Discount Furniture Guy? He did his own commercials for 30 years, we know what he sounds like. And that ain’t it.

I project Bruins draftee John Beecher to pot many a lovely wrister. Lordy!

Doris Burke is an American treasure. There, I said it.

Hyvästi means ‘goodbye’ in Finnish. So Hyvästi to you, and good luck, NESN’s Alex Kraemer.

Is it just me, or does it feel like the sun’s been setting later lately?

Color me surprised that the Minifans were so quickly able to acclimate themselves into being part of the Stoolie Auxiliary.

Someone as talented as Mark James deserves a larger audience. He does!

Just observed the 10th Anniversary of the untimely death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Oh, and also Farrah Fawcett. To quote a coachman; “Farrah hadn’t been overshadowed like this since the Charlie’s Angels episode where Jaclyn Smith wore that white bikini.”

Is anyone besides me disappointed there wasn’t an overrated NHL Draft prospect named Puk Puk who had to wait an uncomfortably long time in the green room before being drafted? No? Just me? Okay.

Is there some weirdo corner of the internet where Aaron Rodgers partisans unconvincingly argue against Peyton Manning fans as to which one is the GOAT?

Looks like the Mindy Kaling-penned Amazon flick ‘Late Night‘ may not make back it’s advertising budget. Shame on you, Boston Globe.

Nice weekend to go down to the pond and chase bluegills and tommycods.

Add Wyoming State Lady Porcupines center fielder Mercedes Murphy to my list of Favorite Sports Names.

I sincerely hope ‘Reporter Evan’ Drellich succeeds in becoming the Alyssa Milano of his ‘Be Caring to Sportswriters’ hashtag campaign. #BeCaringToSportswriters

Did some checking, and was relived to find that Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski isn’t out buying NESN employees Lexus SUV’s instead of paying for a closer. Whew!

But we still need a closer.

Enjoy your retirement Bob Ley. But feel free to stop by and delivery me a stern lecture anytime..pal.

Corgis are strange-looking dogs. But well-tempered.

A whole lot of networks and channels and whatnot are eventually going to look real stupid not realizing what a talented person Marck James is.

Amity, as you know, means ‘friendship.’

Honk if you remember the (un-vandalized) Reverse Curve sign.

Best bet this weekend? Yankees (and yanks) in London.


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