The Decision 2.0: Taking Their Talents to BJBSJ

The BJBSJ Universe just got a whole lot brighter. You might even call us a ‘Superteam’.

BJBSJ has added the two most prominent Free Agents in the Twitterverse, the former Dale E. Arnold Text Line (@TheTextLine) along with @SportyRMcKenzie. This is like discovering plutonium by accident. – particularly the dreadful Mut & the Mailman show – take note: when you’ve lost the parody accounts (that are infinitely more entertaining than any content you offer), you’ve officially lost the war. Insufferable dullard/E.T. clone Chris Curtis may whine that anonymous accounts should be required to produce 2 forms of ID in order to tweet, but don’t worry Chris: you’ll be an anonymous nobody very soon. No one gives a tin shit who’s behind the scenes while Hopalong Callahan spins the latest from Rascal Flatts.

8th place. Yee-haw.

When I reached out to the Text Line for comment on BJBSJ affiliation/merger he told me, “go fuck yourself”, to absolutely no one’s surprise.

While Charred Finn fetches Large Gymnasium’s ketchup, BJBSJ is working all the angles to keep you updated on the latest comings and goings in Boston Sports Mediotry.

First. Again. Now, fuck off.

Author: IronheadBJBSJ

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