BJBSJ in Focus: Scott Kacsmar’s Nervous Breakdown

I was sunning myself on the Southcoast today, enjoying semi-retirement from the BJBSJ empire, when my phone started blowing up.

“Scott Kacsmar’s taking you down!”

“Kacsmar’s going after you guys! He’s got tweets.”

“Kacsmar’s got receipts on you guys”

In a word my friends?


Ironhead wishing death on Roger Clemens like he’s Bin Laden is like the sun coming up over Narragansett Sound.

Does @sofascout1 put human hair in mason jars, and hide it in the basement? Probably.

Will Scartsy always slide by with a wink and a nod?


It doesn’t matter. BJBSJ trucks in the mud with some of the most feckless human beings in the world: professional sports media. They count on you not being ready to get down on their level and crawl on your belly. Well, we will.

Although we’ll never wish death on a listener’s child, like 98.5’s Big Jim Murray did, we will happily keep Scott Kacsmar unemployed and heavy in his mother’s racist basement for as long as it takes.

Screenshot that one, Sugar Tits!


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