Important Announcement

It has been brought to our attention that several employees of The Journal have made one or more indelicate posts on their individual Twitter accounts. As a result, Managing Editor Steve Bosell has immediately fired the following individuals:

Craig Bernard, Head Writer



Hugh Patrick Sfanbut



Mr. Bosell has also fired Mr. Blonde, 14Grogan, and Sofascout1, which was difficult, as the don’t really work here.

These individuals were terminated thanks to a successful lobbying effort via a WordPress blog post by a Mr. Scott Kacsmar, a 33 year old man living in Pennsylvania.

Also thanks to Mr. Kacsmar’s yeomanlike effort, we are pleased to announce the hiring of PatriotsSBLII and scortes cortes, whoever he is. Due to the recent discoveries of their Twitter posting histories, we feel they are great additions and deeply aligned with our core values. (Neither writer is presently aware of their employment here.)

We expect no interruptions in the high-quality content you have come to expect from BJBSJ.


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