Cleaning Out The Sports Junk Drawer 7/3

Sweeping up the spent sports Roman candles, fountains, black cats, and M-80’s..

More empty desks at BJBSJ?

Alex Reimer also hates Giant Glass.

Get us a REAL closer Dombrowski!

Aw, I had that Angels pitcher on my rotisserie team!

I already love this Not-Kyrie player the Celtics acquired.

The Dominican Republic’s Attorney General just announced that the Baby Ruth bar was so named after a former US President’s dead daughter, and not the most famous baseball player in the world back in 1921.

Terrible showing overseas, Red Sox.

Relief pitching has been problematic.

Up for a competition at punter, NE?

Marshall Hook: poor man’s Wallach, or rich man’s Hardy?

Podcasting circles are buzzing about the potential of Marc James. Untapped!

Linda Pizzutti (newspapers) and Megan Markle (duchessing) are a great example to all the working moms out there.

Tomorrow should be a great day for fireworks and watching people barbecue, if you like that sort of thing.

Megan Rapinoe has spent more time in the box than Tie Domi.

Andy Gresh never got a fair shake.

Greg Bernard’s vanity project is still solvent?

Alex Reimer has had more columns taken down than the South Tower.

The late Sports Talk Barry was a system tweeter. There; I said it.

Cakes are cooking today for Kevin Bacon and Liv Tyler.

‘Taco Fall!’ sounds like something Sad Diabeetle Bertrand says when he drops his lunch Fiesta Pak.

Racecar spelled backward is racecar.

Unusually frantic NBA free agency start.

Marc James has more experience with HR than Sadaharu Oh.

Poor Brad is going to get his heart broken.

Alex Morgan > Piers Morgan.

Bon voyage and ciao, Noel Acciari.

Nike is contributing to global warming, what with the making everyone burn their gear in protest.

Mutnansky sounded like the 3rd man, on his own show. Bad Look!

Antetokounmpo’s a legit MVP.

Gotta find an Esplanade spot early.

Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company, anyone?

Dogs are in search of a quiet safe space this week.

Honk if you remember the Red Sox winning the 2018 World Series.

Best bet for the weekend? Traffic at a standstill by the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges.

Note- Patrick Scartelli will be on vacation until July 23. Guest columnists have been arranged. Cheers!


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