Statement Regarding Our Content From July 3rd


Late last night I became aware of an issue with Patrick Scartelli’s “Cleaning Out The Sports Junk Drawer 7/3.”

A reader called attention to the following literary anomaly during the holiday:

While we appreciate Mr. Rifkin’s keen eye and understand the concern about the appearances here, BJBSJ takes its responsibility seriously as a voice above the fray of politics. It’s not even in our purview. Our mission statement is clear:

BJBSJ is a news gathering association of concerned citizens designed to combat hottakes, specifically as it pertains to Boston sports.

To many, “stick to sports” has become a polarizing, toxic phrase. But we believe in it for this particular site. Make no mistake, we truly love and cherish our political system and freedom of expression here in America, but we won’t ever apologize for keeping this an ideology free zone. You can rest assured that great care goes into being the best coverage in the business. And for those who just want to be like a kid again and just watch the games without a care, we will continue to be your safe haven. That’s a promise.

That said, we pledge to do better anyway. An error of this nature will never be made again. We appreciate your readership and your trust.

*Mr. Scartelli is on vacation at Baxter State Park in Maine and could not be reached for comment.

Chris Norton is Director of Human Resources for BJBSJ, a position he has held since August 2018. He resides in Middletown, RI.


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