BJBSJ Merch Store Clearance Sale

In April we launched the BJBSJ Merch Store and offered this shirt donning the King of Blocks, Chad Finn. Because in Boston, it isn’t a city, it’s a family of blocked accounts of people who criticize you on Twitter.

Sizes S-8X sold out, only 9X available, makes a great tablecloth!

Now we’re going CRAZY!!!!

Our first clearance sale has two very special items. First, a Lou Merloni autograph! Only $5.99! AKA more money than he made playing pro ball! Lou, how many more weeks until your format change to Country 93.7??

And finally, if you’re tired of all those fake bloggers who Tweet while sitting on their yachts selling way overpriced merchandise that only say big SAT words like “Cat” and “BASEBALL”, we’ve got the shirt for you!

Available in any color and font to make you the most obvious and deadpan person on your block! Run, don’t walk to the BJBSJ Clearance Sale today!


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