Cleaning out the Sports Junk Drawer 7/10

Note: Patrick Scartelli is on vacation. Filling in this week is Mr. X from Framingham. Our sincere thanks to Mr. X for not being deterred by the recent overblown controversy here at BJBSJ.

What up, Y’all?

This week is the dead week on the sports which. I need something big to the red sox trading Mollie Betts..that won’t happen…but it would be something

Can enes kanter have a open to the public cookout wherever he’s living in the Boston area

You know what would be great..if john smoltz would ask joe buck right now..what does government mean to you?

Here’s my problem with MLB They won’t change with the times Its not hard

The biggest takeaway from this past week in free agency is this..well two actually 1)the games next year will be entertaining as hell 2) the NBA for the first time in years has parity

My gosh can the L.A. angels week get any worse? Good lord

What the Lakers lost out on kwahi?

I’m trashing anybody still shooting off fireworks five days after the fourth of July is over..those people are begging to get jason Pierre pauled

Take a hike porcelblow..dfa him

Why? Doc can handle egos Brad cannot

Remember when Dwight was a big ticket free agent?

God speed Tedy will be back on your feet..because I know you will

Dfa barnes

Wow Tony Massarotti must have skipped his Prozac meds this boss and I are dying in the office right now..stay off of it the whole week mazz

CHRIS FAIL strikes the red sox are going nowhere

Alex Morgan..will you marry me?

So the celtics not exactly a great week..but it wasn’t as bad as the knicks

Can’t wait till the state run media tells up the red sox never gave up and gave it the good old college try for two straight games vs Yankees in London #fthem

You want a medal jared?

Hey John do you like them old fossil

Jackie Mac…she is becoming a favorite of mines..

I hate the British media

I’m praying felger walks into the studio with a Lakers jersey..just for one day

Apparently the white sox can’t catch routine fly balls

Here’s the bottom line..the bruins have to part ways with a core player this off-season..the nhl salary legit..and the bruins will feel it

I think the Mets and Knicks should hold a hot potato would be something to watch

Remember Fenway..booing is ok

A message to ProFootballTalk you can try to tell us Simms was not trolling all you want..I know this Simms didn’t make it in the NFL for a reason..

I am not listening to radio today….because I need to chill out. Things have not been well

I do not recall the last time..I have agreed with felger more than I do today..the celtics green teamers are frauds and I hope the Lakers win a title

I don’t like felger and do you actually have a point to make..that resembles a thought..cause I don’t have time for dumb people today

Message to the celtics…quit being so stagntic

And btw..can the media in this town stop going many times do we need to hear when someone like pasta fs up..we hear he is such a good kid…if I hear that one more time I’m getting my pistol..and going postal

Mr. X resides in framingham and lives rent free in you’re head..pal


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