Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 7/17

Note: Patrick Scartelli is on vacation. And was rightly concerned about being Wally Pipp’ed by the wildly popular Mr. X from Framingham. So his guest column was a one-off. Today we have for a change of pace two different generations of sports fans, one, a member of The Greatest Generation, another, one of those oft-maligned Millenials. So without further ado, welcome Uppy and Starrfish:

Topic: The USWNT winning the Women’s World Cup:

Uppy: This is over US 2 Netherlands 0. Make sure the women get equal pay as the men who have done Nothing

The Women should get more. The men are absolute Failures in World Cup Competition

Starrfish: you say World Cup, all I hear is World Series

Megan Rapinoe should be empress of the universe or something

Topic: Rob Gronkowski’s rumored return:


U: Fools Gold.Thise who continue to discuss The Phony Rob Gronkiwski Comeback. He is playing you. Get on with the real Spirts world like The Red Sox Collapse this year and one of the great tennis matches in History Yesterday

S: Needed a win last night, but make no mistake, the quality of the game speaks just as loudly if not louder than the end result.

Not good: not scoring after the 3rd

Also not good: giving up 8 runs to the Blue Jays

Topic: The Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Final Match.

U: Heart, Courage, Endurance. All things that you want to see in Sports we saw today. Bob Ryan is right there is nothing like it


S: I used to have panic attacks wondering if David Ortiz was going to leave us

U: After today don’t tell about Brady and Chara being in great shape for their age. Federer 5 HRs Of Pressure

S: Cora is just letting this happen

Topic: Do the Red Sox Still need another bullpen arm?

U: Why can’t we get Pitchers like Joe Kelly

S: You can be excited for Nathan Eovaldi to come back and still know the Red Sox need to upgrade the bullpen.

Actually, that’s how you should feel if you’re rational.

Topic: The late Boston Globe sportswriter Nick Cafardo.

U: I just heard about Nick Cafardo. He was one of the best human beings in the Business. It’s sad . RIP Nick


Nick Cafardo was my favorite sportswriter and a huge inspiration to me.

Topic: Steve Grogan

U: He wore a neckroll during his latter years with the Patriots

S: Everyone knows that.

Topic: Donald Trump

U: The British Ambassador is lucky he was uninvited by Trump to the Dinner tonight. It was the usual Dinner Burgers and Fries

S: He’s so uneducated and awful. 3 of the women were born in America and the 4th has been a citizen for decades.

He and his father made a habit of discriminating against minorities when they were building their real estate “empire” in NY. This is literally how he has always been, and it is so disgusting that he now represents our country to the world AND is emboldening racists here.

U: Trump’s Kristallnacht has started while children die at the Border

Every time I see Former GOV John Kasich I like what I see. If he was running for President he would get my Vote

Topic: Closing Thoughts?

U: Goodbye Coco it was a great run. You have a great future in front of you

S: We must protect Brock Holt at all costs

Thank you Uppy and Starrfish. Mr. Scartelli is scheduled to return next week.


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