A Hill to Die On for WEEI

Benz. Salk. Keefe. Hill.

The New York Jets of sports radio are at it again, and as a result WEEI’s Mount Rushmore of atrocious additions is complete. The Greg Hill Show is proof that the Wheel of Gutless Bums isn’t spinning in the Red Sox bullpen. It’s a fixture at Entercom Boston.

What wacky skit did Toucher and Rich, But Dumber roll out for their much-unanticipated debut this past Monday AM? Stop if you’ve heard this before: a zany reference to Country 937!

BJBSJ had it first. Again.

If you bet the under for first cringe-worthy moment on the The Greg Salk Show, collect your $2.10.

2 days into this show about nothing, Sleepy Salkie 2.0 combines the charisma of Mike Mutnansky, the machismo of Dale Arnold, and the enunciation skills of Rich Teeth. This soulless, empty-vessel of a show is tap-water enthusiast Sam Kennedy’s wet dream: if no one’s listening, no one can lodge a complaint with WEEI Program Directors Bob Murchison and Shirley Leung.

Joining The Artist Formerly Known As The Hillman, ‘Fitzy’ is a hyperlocal Cosmo Kramer ripoff providing local sports bonafides.

(I actually felt bad for Fitzy. It seemed like he was trying.)

Formulaic Female Replacement-level sidekick Danielle Murr fills out the trio by playing Brick Tamland in aggrieved feminist form.

Note to Blind Mike: You’ve been usurped as media’s preeminent giggler. STEP IT UP, SON.

Hill, Murr, and Fitzy (Nick Stevens) have been put in the ultimate no-win situation: their show is canned and uninspired, paint-by-number radio. They’re (ostensibly) replacing K&C, a highly-rated, high-profile show with large, well-defined personalities. (The same thing holds true for recently ousted Mut & Callahan co-host/human bookmark Mike Mutnansky). They’re sitting ducks in the cross-hairs of Kirk Minihane. In reality, they’re collateral damage in a activist’s hubristic mission to take down two talking radio men he disagreed with. The Greg Hill Show is empirically horrendous radio. It’s also exactly what Entercom wants.

While Charred Finn stocks Large Gymnasium’s House with all the finest ketchups, BJBSJ will continue to cover the long, strange journey of Sinking Ship dot com.


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4 thoughts on “A Hill to Die On for WEEI

  1. The only thing worse than Greg’s show is Kirk obsessing over it, with him and the blind guy sounding like 6th graders doing a parody. Kirk’s whole show is him giggling with Mike, and Kirk talking about WEEI when Mike allows him to get a word in. Honest to God is Hill any worse than the old show disecting the Mut family Christmas card or Gerry and Pissant screaming at one another about Trump? Wake up and smell the coffee. Kirk and Gerry are not walking through that door and the other alternative is all Reimer, all the time.

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