Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 8/7

A pool and a pond.

Because if you don’t clean it out the numrods will get stagntic..

We made it to August, gang. Pro Football returns soon. Tomorrow, to be precise.

If you think about it, no team really defends a championship.

Did Tom Brady Sr. donate hair follicles to Dr. Leonard? Just askin’.

That Sam Kennedy is doing a bang up job as WEEI Program Director.

This upcoming MLB Players Weekend has a very Office Space “Oh, and Friday is Hawaiian shirt day!” vibe to it. IMO.

I don’t foresee any overreaction the the news Tom and Gisele want to sell their Brookline property. At all.

Red Sox are gonna win eight in a row and get right back into this thing.

Apparently something is going on with Kirk Minihane and his new podcast home at Barstool Sports and yawn. Don’t care; can’t make me care.

Someone should do a podcast about how entitled local sports fans have become.

Springfield’s Own Nick Buoniconti seemed to be too decent a guy to have been a ’72 Dolphin.

Curran should have called the Brady household and warned Benny that another team-friendly deal means no new Lego sets ever.

That Hobbs and Shaw move looks preposterous. There; I said it.

People claiming the Red Sox problem is the bullpen may lack a basic understanding of the term ‘bullpen’.

I sometime wonder if that poor Kennedy family is cursed.

So can a growing disconnect be like a collapsed lung?

So because of one turtle with a cocaine problem, no one can have regular straws anymore?

You can tell a lot about a player by their reaction to a joint practice.

Cakes are cooking today for Bruce Dickinson and Mike Trout.

If Tom Brady wanted to, I bet he could find some great real estate bargains on Cape Cod what with everyone taking Plain Black Hat Zookeeper’s advice and abandoning the area.

Four Celtics on the Team USA roster? Fine by me.

Popovich/Kerr 2020! Who’s with me?

You can have Elisabeth Moss, I’ll take Carrie Anne Moss.

When are they going to start construction of the Wahlburgers on the MGM Springfield property? People want to know!

All the dogs that were named after Tedy Bruschi are most likely dead by now. That makes me sad.

Add CFL free agent Taquan Houseboat to my list of Favorite Sports Names.

Honk if you remember Scammy Jenkins.

So which Fantasy Football guide magazine is the best to buy right now?

Have a safe Victory Day next Monday, Ocean Staters.

Best bet for the weekend; thunderstorms.


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