Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 8/28

Enjoy your stay at the BJBSJ beach house. Keep off the dunes.

It was a successful Players Weekend for the Red Sox, for once.

Don’t forget, it’s preseason for the public address system pumped-in crowd noise employees in Indianapolis, too.

Does anyone know how long the resumed rain delay game vs. Kansas City lasted?

Will the sequel to ‘Suck for Luck’ be ‘Two and Fourteen for Tua’?

Cakes are cooking for Peter Stormare, Jim Thome and Alex Lifeson.

Not a fan of Eric Reid.

Good work River Ridge, Louisiana winning the LLWS. USA! USA! USA!

The practice squad serves a purpose other than a place to stash players, yes?

You know, that Novak Djokovic has some big serves.

I just hope the Yankees win 109 regular season games, to help their devastated fans recover.

Yes, Coach Belichick had *no idea* Andrew Luck retired. That’s clearly what he said. No wonder he holds the media in such disdain.

Say what you will about Pete Sheppard; he would always let you borrow a ladder.

The Dolphins should always play in Foxboro in September, and always host the Patriots in December. How tough is that to understand?

Mexican President Portnoy’s non-response to the Ben Allbright flensing proves he’s the second most insecure successful person in the United States.

Gosh darn it Ted Johnson, you were supposed to remind me to DVR the VMA’s!

I can’t believe I wasn’t able to reserve the BJBSJ Beach House for the holiday weekend.

I’m considering taking up smoking. Does anyone know if there’s a podcast that rates the draw and flavor of various brands of cigarettes?

Kyle Van Noy has all the right enemies.

They couldn’t make Slap Shot today, what with political correctness. That, and Paul Newman being dead.

It’s too early for big bags of Halloween candy to be in stores. There; I said it.

Gronk! CBD’s! It’s funny because he has pain issues!

You can have the Butter and Sugar corn. I’ll take the Silver Queen.

JBJ’s monstrous 478 ft. home run in Coors just underscores how nonsensical Mantle’s “565 ft” homer is.

Time to watch out for school buses again.

Honk if you remember Downtown Crossing.

Anyone ever stood like an idiot with your hands under a public restroom faucet before realizing the water wasn’t sensor activated? No? Uh, yeah. Me neither.

This just in: Mike Lynch is still retired.

Best bet for the weekend: ice cream.


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