Broken BlueCheckmarks Bulletin – Antonio Brown Edition: Part 1

Those 11 words were the catalyst of what will forever be known to the Patriot fanbase as the #BlueCheckMeltdown day. September 7th, 2019. The day the Patriots officially broke NFL Twitter and their souls collectively. No matter how you may feel that this lightning rod of a wide receiver named Antonio Brown will be wearing the Flying Elvis circa 9/9/2019, the endless supply of butthurt will give you life parallel to photosynthesis on plants. Now it is quite predictable and understandable that layman fans would have a problem with this, and even try to play Moulder & Scully on the Interwebz by insinuating foul play on the part of the Patriots and AB. But it is quite another thing to see people who are being monetarily compensated to report sports news (and be unbiased) absolutely lose their fucking shit over this story. So come with me down the Blue Brick Road of Tears and grab your umbrella and ponchos. This is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Hmmmm…interesting. (hi, TennisBallHead Volin) This sure sounds like he’s accusing the Patriots of a major rules violation…he must certainly be able to provide some proof of tampering, you know being such a Big J Journalist. Oh, he can’t? Never mind.

Dead serious here: you think he wrote this Tweet to promote his podcast that nobody listens to? Oh wait! Here’s the answer!

ABP. Always. Be. Promotin’.

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Because if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that athletes are our only role models in society. I wonder what Mr. Antennas-For-Ears thought about Tyreek Hill getting an expension from the Chiefs? Or Kareem Hunt getting swooped up by the Browns? I’d say if your kids are in any way affected by a grown man on the teevee, you suck at parenting. That was my Dr. Phil moment of the day.

Ahh, this one is a gem. The NY Rag certainly isn’t one to hide their disdain for all things red, silver and blue. Deserve hell sounds something out of an M. Night Shamacrap movie. Not a lot else to be happy about in The City That Needs To Go To Sleep. For example…


Local sports man who gets 5 minute segment towards the end of local newscast has thoughts on things. Are you pretty much irrelevant on a national scale? Need some attention? Just talk about the Patriots! It’s a winning formula to get you the clickz ‘n viewz you need to get your 3 seconds of “fame”.

Last one for this edition (that’s right, there are so many brains that have been broken by this saga that this will be a 2, maybe 3 parter, watch this space). And this one comes to us for Mr. Preacher of the Church of Holier-Than-Thou, Tony Dungy.

A guy who hates people of another sexual orientation (one that his own son happened to be which may have been the cause of his untimely death) is telling the general public about AB. The same guy who had a WR on his team who was a drug kingpin, and a murderer. What a sanctimonious fraud. Everything he says is hypocritical trash.

That’s all for now. The Bulletin is now turning into an anthology. More crazy Tweets to come!


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