Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 9/11

The only AB we should be thinking about on this day is Ace Bailey.

Rather polite of the weather to turn fall-like just at the start of football season.

I’m going to be honest, when tweets and emails started going out about ‘Dumbo’ being fired, I thought something happened to Andy Hart.

A quarterfinals elimination loss by Team USA to France in the FIBA World Cup? Sacre bleu!

You know what; I’m starting to think the baseballs are juiced this season. I am!

Kind of short-sighted by HOK Sport to have designed Gillette Stadium with so little planned space for championship banners.

Pa says winnin’ the AL East four years in a row is for showoffs.

If the Patriots defense insists on holding opponents to only 3 points a game..PTT!

Bruins set to report to Training Camp tomorrow. Stick tap to that.

Cakes are cooking for Mickey Hart, Leslie Visser, and Ludacris.

Woke Twitter can’t be happy the the Patriots decided to keep Gunner Arfifteenski, or whoever.

Are there two Doyle’s in JP? Because they can’t be closing the one I’m thinking of.

Bill O’ Brien is in his sixth season as HC of the HT? Whoa.

Using a gunshot victim as a human shield is a bad look, Red Sox.

Was that a 58 yard dink, or a 58 yard dunk from Brady on the TD pass to Dorsett? Asking for a friend.

That Bud Light king guy is a jerk. His kingdom needs a Cromwell. IMO.

And how about that college football game, eh? Wow!

My moles are telling me the last person finally got onto Route One from Lot P2 at Gillette.

Alls I’m saying is a lady GM for the Red Sox might be a direction to go, for reasons.

Burger King describing their Pretend Whopper or whatever as being made ‘from plants’ just sounds weird to my ears.

Vic Fangio must have thought he had the ‘New NFL head coach who’s name sounds like a mafia figure’ title sewn up, until Freddie Kitchens was hired two days later.

The new PGA Tour starts (checks notes) tomorrow? Can that be right?

This just in; Mike Lynch and Andrew Luck are still retired.

We know why 98.5 The Sports Hub Employees are bringing up 19-0 talk, and we don’t like it.

Dogs sure do seem to like roast beef. They really do.

Clay Buchholz will pitch against the Red Sox for the first time tomorrow. It’s enough to make one long for the time when the worst thing a local athlete could be accused of was stealing a mess of laptop computers.

A trade with the Jets? Now I’ve seen it all!

Honk if you remember Jim McCarthy on the Sports Huddle.

Best bet for this weekend: Brian Flores not getting his ‘Good For One Free Win Against Bill Belichick’ card punched, unlike Coach Matt and Coach Vrabes last season.


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