Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 9/17

That was the year everything changed, you know.

So Yaz’s grandson (and the rest of his team) is coming to Fenway Park? Are tickets still available?

BC football faces another test against Rutgers, who are thus far unbeaten at home.

Sad to hear of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ric Ocasek’s passing. He did Boston proud.

Is Derek Jeter now the GM of the Miami Dolphins?

I hope Brian Flores understood it was nothing personal, just a full 60 minutes of business.

Glad to see Brando Carlo will remain a Bruin for at least the next two years.

I saw a cloud shaped like an ottoman during Steve McNair’s jersey number retirement ceremony.

So I’m watching that Top 100 NFL Plays show, and Kobe Bryant is an Eagles fan? That makes sense.

Let’s don’t downplay Isaiah Wynn’s turf toe, that is nothing to be trifled with.

I can’t find Joe Biden: Teenaged Lifeguard anywhere on the new fall TV schedule.

Cris Collinsworth really, really likes saying Jim Schwartz’s name.

It must be terribly frustrating for David Ortiz not to know why he was shot. I hope his investigators get to the bottom of things.

I think my favorite Team X was the San Diego Chargers that one, or possible two times.

Cakes are cooking for Maurice Hurst, Jimmie Johnson, and Alexander Ovechkin.

This business of calling long easy passes ”dimes”, like assists in the NBA? I don’t like it and will write my congressmen about stopping it.

Jets and Dolphins not helping to disprove ‘The AFC East is terrible!’ storyline so far this season.

Grand Theft Klemko’s SI piece could potentially blow the doors off the heretofore hidden culture of entitled, semi-psychotic professional athletes!

Despite my best efforts, gruse keeps bringing me down.

I’m not almost a coach, but trading away depth seems like a bad idea. Or possibly a contrived hot take. Shrug.

I don’t care that they’re on different networks and made by different production companies; I want a Bluff City Law/Stumptown crossover event in 2020.

Not sure if there is documentation to back me up, but it feels like the Red Sox games ran particularly long this season.

Honk if you remember Whalom Park.

The NY tabloids must be workshopping ‘Falk’ back page headlines right this very minute.

Get well soon, all you injured NFL quarterbacks.

Best bet for the weekend: big crowds for the Sugar Ray concert at the Big E.


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