Coming Soon: A New Shopping Experience

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The common fan has been without an affordable online option to buy athletic apparel for years. Sites for places like Bradlee’s, Ames, Caldor, etc. are all over priced. Times have changed, welcome to the future of shopping. BJBSJ has come up with engaging and innovative designs for our new line of apparel. We proudly present:

Broad @ the Ballgame

Fun. Instagramable. Send us money.

Who doesn’t love sweatshirts right? We used a wicked cool font on this one. It looks sporty right? And hey you can wear it at any game and root for both teams! I think the expression comes from a movie name with Kiefer Sutherland, the Dances With Wolves guy.
How does any company on the world wide web survive these days? Through Venmo of course and maybe a trust fund. How’s a gal supposed to “work” by travelling and shopping without this critical funding. We added the dollar sign as a friendly reminder to send money now. Please send it. Really please send it asap.
I know I know the Evil Empire, but I have to pay my respects to the dreaded Yankees. It was in 1986 when they broke our hearts at Yankee Stadium. Ray Knight hit a home run or something I think.
I don’t think anyone appreciated this obscure player until I pointed him out. This is our f@%&*ng town!
Symbols and a baseball. If only it was on an instagram wall on Newbury Street.
I’m the biggest Red Socks fan ever. Remember the 1916 curse? Gone! I’m still really wicked mad at them for sucking this year but the Revenge Tour will carry on!
Yay sports! Or just sport if you like only one. This is top quality folks.
Each word was meticulously placed on separate lines to convey the power of the new brand. Breathtaking.
Hold the phone fashionistas! This premium crew neck t-shirt is only $80 plus shipping. Perfect for any true sports fan!
(shipping not included)
Just a friendly reminder to keep sending money. Print out this picture and make your own Instagram wall!

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  1. Hoggers. Why are you selling stuff when you don’t even have your links up to date. You are just cleaning out the junk drawer. Let’s go wake up.

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