Broken BlueCheckmarks Bulletin – 2nd Edition: Brown Aftermath, Staredown Vigil

This logo might as well be their brains.

Well, that was fast wasn’t it? In the few weeks since our last edition of the BBCB we saw two Patriots games, one with a #17 and one without. We saw journalists who assault cab drivers for fun get praised effusively from his fellow journalists for taking down accused and not convicted sex offender. And we saw a sports reporter who passed away and then was resurrected all due to a stare from a head coach in power. There are plenty of scabs to pick at in the Twitterverse on these topics, but let’s focus on one in particular.

The stare heard ’round the world that killed a woman and propelled an entire army of media sycophants to honor her even if she didn’t ask.

Ten minutes before the start of the Jets/Patriots game CBS Sports’ Dana Jacobson did the pre-game interview no one likes where you get no information and cliched responses. Naturally, she wanted to ask about Antonio Brown (as was probably stressed by a producer or higher up) and naturally Belichick did what he did. “We’re focused on the Jets”. Two professionals doing their duties. No harm no foul right? Not on the logical, fair website/application known as Twitter. First the ending of the interview was framed as a “death stare”. Second cousin to “death panels”.

And that is where the fireworks started. Get ready. The brains are about to be broken. And the vigil is about to begin. RIP Dana Jacobson. Put up your candles. Alexa, play Sarah McLachlan, “I Will Remember You”.

Ahhh, yes. You’re going to see this word a lot in this bulletin. “Accountable” and “accountability”. And I love her using the word “slinked”. What, did he bend and go down the stairs like a Slinky?


Another buzzword that you’ll notice a pattern of usage here: INTIMIDATE. Please don’t do any drinking games with these words. BJBSJ does not recommend drinking and driving. Or drinking and tweeting for that matter. Although it is good fodder for this.

Here comes Jane again. Jane stop this crazy thing.

This is very rich coming from a woman who works at a company who has been recently sued for sexual harassment allegations. Not to mention being in business with someone who made sexist comments to one of its hosts.

“If people didn’t care about his job he wouldn’t have a job” is the funniest thing I have heard since people pronouncing “Reeses” Peanut Butter Cups as “REE-SEYS”. Get it together folks.

You had to know Ms. Cancelled ESPN Show had to get in on the beat-up-on-Belichick action. Her “A Different World” parody was better than this tripe and it was the worst thing ever on TV. “Those in power” is another phrase you will see often. As if Belichick is in any type of power position in the shaping of our country. He coaches adult men to throw and catch an object. In case you didn’t know before.

I sure am glad this guy isn’t on TV anymore so he can break the glass. INTIMIDATION!!!!

H/T @bron_y_aurstmp

PEOPLE IN POWER!!! DRI—-oh wait.

It’s one of the biggest stories!!!! Now click on my Bleacher Report article that will be separated into 15 slideshow pictures.

Oh boy how is this for hypocritical? This guy went on WEEI and called an athlete’s 6 year old daughter (the same athlete that has given that station and everyone who works there their entire career) a sniveling little pissant. And then went on Instagram wearing a shirt with that saying on it. This guy also blackmailed a coworker by threatening to go public with personal information if he didn’t get more airtime on the station. Yet he is giving opinions on who has carried themselves terribly? Gee.


Beaver Teeth over here calling Belichick a petulant child over the computer screen. Something he would never do in person of course.

All set? Is that a new thing the millennials say?

Local sports anchor advocates violence and then when confronted on it…

We know what you meant Mark. BECAUSE YOU SAID IT. You work for a station owned by Disney. I wonder what Disney would think about your not-so-family-friendly remarks.

Another triggered local sports anchor. No wonder the news business is being taken over by…well….Twitter.

Well we know Mr. Turner won’t be getting an ESPN job anytime soon. They do still speak English over there, right?

Already talked about the hypocrisy of ESPN employees on this topic.

Shout out to this outrage profiteer extraordinaire who cut a 2 minute audio congratulatory ball wash for known sexual harasser Mike Tirico. Talk about having zero respect for yourself and others. You go girl!

I’m spent. After all this fussing, you would think the person in the center of the action, Ms. Jacobson herself would be upset as well. Well, not so much. In fact, not at all. BAH GAWD! THAT’S DANA’S MUSIC! SHE’S ALIVE!!!

Bravo to you Dana for being as professional as you are and for confronting the perceived “issue” head on. Hope you had an incredible wedding!

Watch this space for another BlueCheck Bulletin. Hopefully it won’t be as extensive as this one. But whenever the Patriots or Boston is involved, it usually means a lot of tears and sadness and despair and irrational hate and venom from the rest of the world. BJBSJ will be here to sum it all up for you.


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  1. Forgotten in all of this is Jacobsen was only supposed to ask 2 questions and the Brown question was her 3rd. Also, Sarah Spain once advertised that she’d be someone’s date if they’d take her to the Super Bowl.

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