Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 10/17

Foliage Drive SZN.

Near as I can tell, the Bruins are on a pace to go (adding machine clacking noises) 80-1-1. My math could be off.

That was quite the Lambeau Screw Job on Monday Night.

So splashing red paint on Columbus statuary; is that some kind of Ohio State thing?

I had never heard of an NBA two-way contract until about a week ago.

I think if the Patriots had ever had a player named Demaryius I would have remembered that.

Nice work, Washington Nationals. Will you vote Youppi! a playoff share?

I give Trump’s handling of the Turkish situation Four Gobbles.

Can you minor in Interpreting Body Language at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting?

Globies trying to make ‘Fort Foxborough’ a thing is so fetch.

I remember exactly where I was on Balloon Boy Day. #NeverForget

No pressure Houston, but you could make 25 million Yankees fans all sad.

Cakes are cooking for George Wendt, Ziggy Marley, and Mae Jemison.

The Ewing Theory, is that about J R., or Bobby?

I mean, I remember an Adalius Thomas being a short-time Patriot.

Pasta may be a Better Kid this season.

Celtics being 4-0 in the preseason? Sure, why not?

I really wish there were a great nature photograph of a fox startling a marmot. Ah well. Someday.

Young Hocules and his crew is will be calling the Pats/Planes MNF? Yikes.

Know this: Valuencing ain’t easy.

Schefty should not try to do anything more athletic than speak on two cell phones at the same time.

Brach’s maple candy corn? Blech.

I enjoy modulating amplitude, Craig; I really do.

So, what you’re saying is, that The Champ *IS* Here? Gotcha. Thx.

Today, a German Shepherd dog, while still carrying a 5 foot long downed branch in its mouth, barked repeatedly at me. Takes talent.

Coming in 2020 to the CW: Twitter Doctor.

Honk if you remember Waquoit.

Is there a Peter King’s Fairness Bowl Curse? I’m just asking the question!

You take Nanci, for me Loretta’s fine.

Tomorrow would be a great day to announce we’re raising prices here at BJBSJ. You know, if we charged for anything.

Ah, October baseball. To quote Peter Gammons, “Isheyyr uehdhuc3 hehdhxhd! ueidie.”

Best bet for the weekend: what else but The Head of the Charles Regatta? Finally!


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