Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 10/23

Eight more days til Halloween. Halloween, Halloween. Eight more days til Halloween. Silver Shamrock.

Going to be strange seeing old friend Al Horford in a Sixers uniform tonight. Go Celtics.

If everything goes right for the Patriots, Mr. Kraft is going to have to find a way to buy a lot of championship rings. More than normal.

I think Pasta has made the transition from Good Kid to Great Kid.

October Baseball is unscriptable.

So who wants to hear some fantasy football bye week bad beat stories? Nobody? Ok.

Hey LeBron, wha’ happened?

It’s odd not to have a rooting interest in the World Series.

Wait; that marathon runner who broke the two hour barrier didn’t set the mark in an actual marathon? What do they think we are, rubes?

Cakes are cooking for Pele, Ang Lee, and Weird Al Yankovic

When are they moving the fences back in Yankee Stadium?

Everyone get the Sanu wordplay out of your system.

Hey, Janos will be back tweeting, if that’s your bowl of soup.

I swear the Globe should put a spicy pepper symbol next to Shirley Leung’s columns to warn us of any hot takes contained therein!

Maybe don’t agree to be miked up if you’re going to get all angry that the network broadcast stuff you said while you were miked up. Just a thought.

BC Football definitely has a shot at the Carquest Bowl.

Bill Macy died? You think they’ll let Felicity out of jail early now on bereavement grounds?

Good luck in the Windy City, David Ross.

‘Zachary S. Dancer’ would make a good Secret Twitter account pseudonym.

Yorkshire Terriers quite frankly look ridiculous with their fur trimmed short.

8-0 is still in play.

You can have the Night Court theme music, I’ll take the Barney Miller theme song.

Honk if you remember other people writing for this site.

Take the Last Train to Mutesville, friendo.

Jaylen Brown didn’t even need a ‘Get Paid’ tattoo.

The Bennett brothers. Amirite?

You heard it here first; Chaim Bloom.

Best bet for the weekend: The Washington Nationals.


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