Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 10/30


Congratulations to the 2019 World Series Champion Houston Astros Washington Nationals.

I’ve got sports seasonal overlap disorder, and its a good thing.

Nick Chubb? He’s a (sniff) cute little RB2.

Looks like the Celtics are better than game one indicated.

Pasta The Great Kid playing like The Great One.

The BSJ Mike Loyko investigation is now officially a cold case.

Aloha means ‘goodbye’, Other Bennett Brother. Aloha.

Welcome to Boston, Chaim Bloom. Figure out how to keep Mookie.

Whither Deadspin?

Peter King’s stubborn refusal to understand the NFL’s scheduling system is utterly exasperating.

Can’t wait to see that ‘Not dissimilar to actual events’ Midway movie.

Not being from around here, Sanu gets a pass from me for the ‘Beantown’ cleats.

Tiger Woods is still good at golf.

Coach Flores may not last the season in Miami.

You can’t tell me CBS is still airing episodes of ‘Madam President’.

Cakes are cooking for Henry Winkler, Timothy B. Schmit, and Nastia Liukin.

There’s going to be lots of disappointed kids out there trick or treating with no NECCO Wafers to be had.

That Mike Nugent Pats jersey was probably a bad investment.

Someday I’d like to be as good at something as people think Joe Buck is at his job.

Hood Eggnog in the stores already.

I hear tell the Ravens are decidedly not afraid to play you.

Honk if you remember Mindy McCready.

Well UMass, there’s always the hockey team.

300 wins for Coach Bill Belichick. Quite the accomplishments. When does he pass Parcells on the list?

Robert Evans, you led quite a life. RIP.

Hey dummy; your obvious burner account is an obvious burner account.

Best bet for the weekend: putting the storm windows up.


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