SZN of Choice: The Players or The Radio Men

Ever since he was traded from football purgatory also known as the Detroit Lions in the middle of the 2016 season, Kyle Van Noy has certainly made a name for himself as a Patriot. Not only has he become one of the most dependable defensive players, he’s also become a fan favorite. One of the pivotal reasons for this is his willingness to go after the mediots, both local and national, for things they say about them. Some folks may confuse this act for being sensitive to criticism, but you can’t react to something that isn’t said about you, especially when you’re in the public eye.

And that brings us to why I’ve gathered you all here today. Criticizing an athlete for not living up to expectations (either perceived or not) is fine, as long as it is done in a respectful manner. But when you go on a radio show where your ONLY objective is to troll your audience (some of which actually like that, Sideshow Bob groan here) and start assassinating the character of a person who have NEVER MET IN PERSON, you are a hypocrite and a disgusting, vile sack of crap. Enter Felger & Mazz on 98.5. Both of them have seemingly attacked KVN on multiple occasions ever since he arrived in Foxboro.

Naturally Van Noy got word of these comments being made about him, and he responded. Not once, but twice.

15 minute mark here.

He also went on First Take with Sony Michel after the Super Bowl to defend his team and his QB from award-winning hater extraordinaire and former fake boxer/rapper Max Kellerman.

Which then prompted Mr. Sensitivity Rich Teeth to call KVN sensitive for going on a show. Make that make sense.

But that apparently hasn’t been enough to stop the attacks on him. Watch what happened just 2 weeks ago!

Oh, and the vitrol isn’t limited to Van Noy. And the person doling it out isn’t limited to Tweedle Doo and Tweedle Dumb. “Big fan” (who also blocks anyone on Twitter for even breathing a disagreement) Gym Murray also participates in the pile on.

The most miserable clowns on the face of the earth. THEY are what runs this town. Well, let me show you some examples of the kind of people they are talking about.

Back to Van Noy. Kyle and wife Marissa are both co-founders of the Van Noy Valor Foundation, which, according to their website, “encourages personal valor in the lives of adopted children, those in foster care and disadvantaged youth by armoring them with success through resources, mentors and opportunities.”

Because of this commitment to giving back to the community, Van Noy was recognized by the Patriots by giving him the 2019 Ron Burton Community Service Award.

And if you’re one of those people who think like the above lemmings, let this video give you a clue on how respected and adored he is here.

So now, ladies and gents, with all of this evidence at your disposal and the tale of the tape rolled out….

Which side are you on? Who ya got? Athletes who not only give it their all on the field for your favorite football team but give their all to the towns in which they play by providing help and services that would be otherwise non-existent, or tattooed bald eunuchs, fat slobs who gamble and claim they play tennis, and old white men who cover themselves in napkins in 60 degree weather?


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  1. I side with anyone who goes against sensitivr crybabies like you. So ill gladly stand with 98.5. Felger didn’t say anything bad at all you pansies. Van noy is a sensitive sally thatd a fact. Blehhh dont say anything bad about us blehh. You twitter sheep are embarassing. Cant take any criticism of your precious football team. Fuck you all

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