Chris Curtis, Fishing off the Company Pier.

Most of society rightfully thought sports talk radio was filled with below average looking guys who couldn’t get laid in a whore house.

But have we got news for you. WEEI, while not having ratings, definitely is filled with something.

That something you ask?



Any way you slice it, it’s a bad look. We at BJBSJ are sure that this was all vetted by the Entercom employee handbook. But setting aside the fringe issues of employees striking up sexual relationships with subordinates, the larger issue has to be discussed.

Curtis, you emancipated dog, you. Way to step up your game fella!


Author: deedsybjbsj

4 thoughts on “Chris Curtis, Fishing off the Company Pier.

  1. Not a fan of Curtis, but disappointed in Lucy. Seemed to me she had more going for her than becoming a homewrecker with a guy at work to get ahead, but apparently not. As for Curtis, when you have a wife that sticks with you through the hard times and you do this to her – I have no respect or sympathy.

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