11/13 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Turtle Turtle.

Surprised that The Boston Globe didn’t remind everyone on Veterans Day not to thank Kyle Eckel for his service.

Bonnie and Clyde had better luck than the Bruins this season when it comes to shootouts.

The next Dez dance video thing will be the first funny one, I’m sure.

Get well soon Gordon Hayward. It was touching that Tatum as a tribute shot like he had a busted hand during the Dallas game.

Alabama may have lost at home, but cheer up, they will probably win something at the American Music Awards in two weeks. 23 total wins!

Best of luck with the San Francisco Baseball Giants Gabe Kapler.

Cakes are cooking for Chris Noth, Tracy Scoggins, and Walter Kibby.

We know what you originally wrote, Aidan. We know.

There were no signs Grapes could be a weirdo. Just the wearing clothes made out of fabrics normally found on couches at Graceland.

I hope this The Man: DeLorean show over on Disney Plus recounts his time as a designer at General Motors.

That team-released video of Coach Harbro lavishing praise on Lamar Jackson gave me a not so fresh feeling.

The MLB awards voters must be Red Sox fans what with overvalueing Mookie Betts with Golden Glove and Silver Slugger awards. Right, Dan?

What’s the word? Thunderbird!

Don’t touch Jimmy!

Meemo? Meemsy? Meemerino? Mary? Mare? Double M? Where you been? Send up a flare.

The almond Snickers Bar is better than the original.
Don’t @ me.

Gronk isn’t coming back. At all.

Know this: Dyeing your hair and (sniff) goatee Raven black won’t make Bill afraid of you, Lou.

I’m proud of you, Greater Boston for putting on a brave face and continuing doing your day to day activities even after Doyle’s Cafe closed.

Congratulations to AL Manager of the Year Rocco Baldelli, local kid made good.

In Maine, Tacko Fall turns to Tacko Winter ’bout this time of year. Ayuh.

So with this cold snap approaching I went to make a withdrawal from my daylight savings account and there was nothing in there! I’m blaming the Russians.

This Houston Astros sign-stealing story should have John W. Henry demanding draconian punishment like a sainted Mara Family member. But to do so would, by extension, help who he perceives to be his team’s true rival, the Patriots. Such the dilemma.

Honk if you remember when cars had two keys, one for the doors & trunk, and another for the ignition.

Days like today are when all those bicycle lanes really pay dividends.

Only 255 days until the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

The Davis Cup is tennis, and the Ryder Cup is golf, right? Just checking.

Some eyebrow-raising Captain’s Picks for the US Ryder Cup squad.

Tell us again what a good guy John Tomase is, fellow media types. After all, a lie repeated enough becomes the truth.

Nice weather we’re having, if you’re a Tibetan Mastiff.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t add this: No one, and I mean no one, honors our military like Dale Arnold.

Best bet for the weekend; Philly fan being Philly fan.


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