11/20 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

So dark. So early. April is not the cruelest month.

Well actually, *I* look tired and frustrated.

Great time to be a Boston sports fan. You’re gonna get sick of all the winning! Not literally; that would be weird.

Bet this Frozen II, The Refreezing movie does well.

I liked it better when I could read something written by Tom E. Curran about Tom Brady without seeing Tom Senior’s grubby fingerprints all over it.

An entirely healthy Celtics team would make a nice Christmas present.

You put an everything bagel in the bag, that makes them all everything bagels!

Cakes are cooking for Norman Greenbaum, Bo Derek, JD Drew, and Sen Dog.

Kicking Lane Johnson when he’s down *is* having fun. Sorrey!

Jimmie Johnson to retire? See what you did Mike Lynch!?

The phrase phrenology surrounding Brady’s pressers and radio show call ins is literally exhausting.

Grezlcyk? That can’t be right. (checks) well I’ll be.

But why would the newspaper owned by Red Sox ownership employ as their head NFL writer someone so antagonistic to Patriots fans and oh now I hear it.

Is the Herald still going to re-run Gerry’s Thanksgiving column next week?

Shank pivoting to scribble out a defense of Manny Ramirez’s at the behest of JWH is roughly equivalent to the time Criqui and Cross wore Patriots team logo shirts during a preseason broadcast. Probably.

Yams? Sweet potatoes? Different?

(Trenchant observation goes here.)

ThEy OvErPaId JaYlEn BrOwN!

Cape Cod? Technically an island since the construction of the Canal. You’re welcome.

Gronk and AB aren’t coming back, are they?

No Haggs; it’s not time to worry about #37.

A ‘fall finale’? That, quite frankly, sounds made up.

The Philly Special was an illegal formation. There, I said it.

Good luck at your new job, Ben Cherington.

Honk if you remember when this column was called Clearing Out the Sports Junk Drawer.

UMass is a basketball school anyway. 5-0!

I would see the movie about the making of a ‘Julia Robets as Harriet Tubman’ movie.

Has anyone ever seen Ted Sarandis and Ambassador Sondlund at the same place at the same time? Weird!

Memba the Malice at the Palace? Memba that?

You ever touch a light bulb thinking it was a LED only to find out by burned fingertips it was an old incandescent bulb? Yeah, me neither.

Best bet for the weekend: Cowboys fans representing at Gillette.


Author: scartsybjbsj