12/4 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Watch it smirky. It’s a small step from Elf on the Shelf to Snitch in the Ditch.

Some weather we’re having, eh?

The Texas teams gave the rest of the league the Fluprint on how to beat the Patriots!

These non Styrofoam Dunkin Donuts cups aren’t very good at keeping coffee hot.

Bruins wins over Montreal just feel better.

With his career .500 record as BC Head Coach, now Addazio is eligible for the Patriots Hall of Fame, right Big Tuna honks?

Underestimate this Celtics squad at your peril.

News Item: David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, & others to be inducted into Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2020. I hope they don’t accidentally induct Papi’s lookalike best friend Sixto by mistake!

Flipz, those chocolate covered pretzel treats? IMO, they missed an opportunity to have Benicio del Toro be a spokesman for them back in 1995.

It was only three months ago, why are people pretending AB was cut for using a shrimp fork to eat the salad course?

Cakes are cooking for Wink Martindale, Lee Smith, and Jay-Z.

So that Peleton exercise bike commercial…what’s up with that?

And speaking of bicycles, whoever promises to paint over the bike lanes like Kramer did the lane dividers on the Arthur Burkhardt Expressway will be the next Mayor of Boston.

I call the Carolina Hurricanes the WhalerCanes! Not really.

Good job, good effort, Michigan Wolverines.

I’m already sick of turkey leftovers. There; I said it.

Farewell and good luck, Sandy Leon.

Another Groundhog Day meets Memento huge Patriots fan response to a loss.

The beard doesn’t make James Harden less likable, but it sure doesn’t help.

You’re better than that, Needham and Wellsley.

There’s an ‘Ask Jerry’ segment on NESN where Jerry Remy dispenses life advice? Wait; what?

The thought of pond hockey just makes my weak ankles ache.

What’s to say De Niro’s character in The Irishman didn’t always beat up grocers like an old man?

“Watch out for black ice” is a phrase they must stress has to be enunciated very carefully in TV meteorologist school.

Eagles are acting like Billy Crystal when asked about Mr. Saturday Night 2.

What’s this I hear about Lucy leaving WEEI to spend more time with another woman’s family?

Tinsel, of course is a contraction of ‘tin icicle.’

Honk if you remember Callahan’s Steak House in Newton Highlands.

200 NHL goals for Krejci. Pretty neat.

Why were C’s fans focused on Kyrie Irving, Jaylen? Maybe because you played his new team twice within 3 days, and he sat out both games with an earache or a hysterical pregnancy or some such nonsense?

Tree looks great! Little full. Lotta sap.

Kids today have no idea of the frustration when turning on the radio to hear if school was cancelled due to snow and finding that the list was on the alphabetically next letter.

Best bet for the weekend: Mahomesophobia returns.


Author: scartsybjbsj