12/11 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

If this isn’t the biggest bag over the head, punch in the face I’ve ever got! Dammit!
It’s good, it’s good..It’s good.

In a fair world, Jerome Boger wouldn’t still hoad a job as an NFL referee today.

How’s that saying go? “A lie can get halfway around the world while Dianna Russini is still putting her pants back on”?

Damned convenient that ESPN got that story out just in time for their Monday Night Countdown show.

Haywood returns from injury ahead of schedule. Good for the C’s.

Tilda Swinton won SI’s Sportshuman of the Year? Odd.

I don’t ask for much, only that Eli be kept out of Canton if not permanently, at least until Arch is dead.

Let’s start finding the back of the net with more frequency, Bruins skaters.

Good job Mansfield HS football. You took what’s yours.

Are the 99’s restaurants still doing that gift card deal?

Cakes are cooking for John Kerry, Willie McGinest, and Mos Def.

Throw another log on the baseball hot stove.

I’m not sure Peter King’s Fairness Bowl is feasible.

I hope Gerry’s concrete selling brother-in-law will be a frequent guest on his sure-to-be top rated podcast!

News Item: Gigi the gorilla passed away at the age of 47 on Saturday after over 30 years at the Franklin Park Zoo.

Happy for Nick Cafardo’s family, sad for Pete Frates’ family. I think that’s how to look at it. And it all comes back to baseball.

“We were calling (Grant Williams) Ben Simmons, but Ben hit one so shout out to both of those guys.” – that’s cold, Jaylen.

Looks like Gerrit Cole will finally be able to afford a second T for his first name.

Holiday With the Houghs looks like wholesome entertainment for the entire family.

Ted Sarandis would had a memorable rant about the eight minutes. Eight!

The Tony C’s by Fenway closed? Say it isn’t so.

Mazel tov, Max Andelman!

I’m between the poles and the equator, don’t send no private investigator to find me please;
‘less he speaks Chinese, and can dance like Astaire overseas, okay?

The Hood Golden Eggnog really is the best.

Have they showed Wedge Antilles yet in The Rise of Skywalker TV spots?

You can’t lose two games in December and expect to compete in the playoffs, wait, what?

Honk if you remember Feelix and Feelicia.

I would like to see the Venn diagram for ‘we need to move on from Michael Vick, he’s served his time’ and ‘Cheatriots don’t get the benefit of the doubt! Throw the book at em!’

Aloha means goodbye, Lucille Burdge. Aloha.

Confession: I can’t tell the Minifans apart WITH a scorecard!

Best bet for the weekend: on thru Cincinnati.


Author: scartsybjbsj