BJBSJ Exclusive: Ravens360 EXPOSES Nefarious Activity

“We saw the sidelines, you’re in big fucking trouble”


The previous week has been a tour de force of Patriots grave dancing. The mainstream NFL media has sure had fun doing cartwheels predicting how many games Bill Belichick will be suspended for having nothing to do with a TV production. Tom Brady is packing up his Eddie Bauer suitcase for Tennessee preparing to be suspended again for being generally aware of a documentary entitled “Do Your Job’, which films Patriots staffers in their everyday proceedings. Meanwhile, while the entire free world has been singing the praises of a Bengals security guard whose phrase “The damage is done, my friend” has become the next “I’m Sorry To This Man” meme, BJBSJ’s own WWIIFelger has uncovered a shocking revelation.


The Baltimore Ravens are CHEATY MCCHEATERSONS.


So not only do you get sideline photos clearer than any Instagram filter but you can actually match up with plays and personal groupings all in one shot. Where is the outrage? Where are the calls for fireations?? As long as Ravens360 continues this will be ongoing. Especially considering the Ravens’ long history. Release the tapes. If you’re innocent, there should be nothing to fear, right?

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