1/22 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

-But I was told everything goes the Patriots way! That furry headed dildo lied to me!

-Do you think the medical examiner put the envelope with David Stern’s death certificate in the freezer?

-BC got UMass-ed in whatever Ridiculously-Named Bowl Game they were in.

-There’s a vacancy at the top of the QADS force, Freddie Kitchens.

-Andre Drummond? What’chu talking about?

-Brad Stevens’ Celtics are rolling ten deep! Approve!

-The great kid Pasta can’t do it all himself, B’s.

-Phil’s legally dead. Fell off a boat.

-Heard that John Henry was in a 7-11, mentioning loudly how thirsty he was, yet didn’t get a Big Gulp. He must be serious about getting under the luxury cap.

-This “Lego Masters” show is a complete rip-off of Shel Turteltaub’s Lincoln Logs program idea.

-Did Doris Burke purchase Carrie Fisher’s dentures at auction?

-What possesses a person to decide they want to be in the audience for the Steve Wilkes Show?

-NRG Stadium? I get it.

-Anyone who thinks Zolak is good at his job didn’t listen to the second half of the Titans game.

-Did Dale purchase any of the TD Garden’s old yellow seats?

-Oh My God, do you believe that thing that happened at the Golden Globes?

-Maybe shake up the lines, Bruce?

-Honk if you remember the Mister Donut jingle.

-Do you ever have your ear pop, and it’s like you have a bionic ear like the Six Million Dollar Man? Of course you don’t; it was the bionic woman who had augmented hearing.

-The Irishman was too long? That’s not something you hear all the time. Heyoooo!

-I wish Tom Brady had played long enough that we could judge whether or not he’s comfortable with his last pass in a Patriots uniform being a pick six in a Wild Card game at home.

-Best bet for the weekend: a continuing Boston sports media embargo.


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