The Curious Case of Marc James and the Purloined Globe

How do you steal something that has no value?

From one of our moles:

Thought you guys might get a kick out of this… Marc ‘with a C’ James is obviously a huge loser. After what I saw, the ‘C’ stands for cheapskate. I was walking into a Walgreens in Somerville at the same time as him. I recognized him but had no interest in talking to him. I walk up to the atm which is to the left of the entrance as you walk in. James walks to the back of the store and then immediately walks back to the main entrance. He stops at the newsstand to pick up a Boston globe. Flicks through it a few times before walking out with the paper and no payment. I leave seconds after him and I see him put the paper on the front seat of his BMW before walking over to Leone’s sub shop on broadway. What-a-boob

Our narc, “ Boston globe was the only newspaper on the rack“

Being the capital J journalists that we are, we reached out for comment to James:

“Lol! That is hilarious. It was actually a Walgreens coupon flyer. I already have an online Globe account anyway. I wouldn’t use that fish rag for toilet paper! By the way, I find your tweets hilarious. Keep up the great work.

We don’t even have a media aspirationz podcast and the little pat on the back gave us a new sense of purpose.

We’ll leave guilt and innocence to you, dear reader, and the loss prevention staff at Walgreens. The eye in the sky sees all.


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