Where in the World is Greg Bedard?

Greg Bedard, lately of the Las Vegas Review Journal, has been strangely absent from the paper since January 12th, where he was seen polishing Houston Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien’s apples to a Felger-like glow.

People have noticed, despite the spiraling drop in the popularity of his bostonsportsjournal.com. Bedard addressed the question recently but gave no direct answers to his Wicked Diehard subscribers in a recent chat on BSJ:

Bedard also skipped the Super Bowl, which is HIGHLY IRREGULAR for a national NFL writer for a major metropolitan daily newspaper, especially one based in Las Vegas.

This is amusing, because Greg is the hardest working man in the news business. Just ask him. While all of this vacation and sabbatical is occurring, Bedard drops a tweet dripping of Cullen.

No Days Off

Dissatisfied with all this secrecy and half answers, BJBSJ’s own Ironhead, @ironhead334 reached out to the newsroom at the LVRJ to get down to the brass tacks of the situation.

Per our source in Sin City, “Greg Bedard is no longer employed by The Las Vegas Review Journal.”

Where this leaves Bedard is anyone’s guess. Rumors have been circulating for close to a year Bostonsportsjournal.com has been offered for sale high and low, with the Athletic, a private buyer, and, (stifles giggle) Jonathan Kraft rumored as being approached to take on the struggling site. Bedard is also rumored to have approached investors looking for as much as a 6 figure cash infusion. Regardless, the site has been clearly been struggling with new subscriptions nonexistent and longer subscription plans being removed from the sites offering.

What’s Greg’s next stop you ask? We’re all in on Chapter 11.


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