BJBSJ I-Team: The Latest on Greg Bedard Leaving Las Vegas

As usual, it seems Greg Bedard is telling Almost The Truth.

Yesterday, the BJBSJ I-Team reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s confirmation that Greg Bedard was no longer employed and refused further comment.

As recently as yesterday, Bedard had ‘NFL writer, Las Vegas Review-Journal’ in his Twitter bio. The Journal Review did not have Bedard listed as a columnist.

A Las Vegas source tells BJBSJ today that Bedard was fired by the Journal-Review for “insubordination” and dissatisfaction with his social media posts. The source believes Bedard was fired on Monday, January 20th (13 days before the Super Bowl), which would make sense as Bedard did not attend Super Bowl LIV or take part in Radio Row in Miami the week before the game. His last Review-Journal column was posted on 1/12/20. Bedard kept his LVRJ reference in his Twitter bio until BJBSJ’s report yesterday.

On Saturday, January 25 in a Boston Sports Journal members chat – 5 days after our source says Bedard was fired by the Review-Journal – Bedard was asked about his LVRJ work and responded cryptically.

That same day on Twitter, he boasted about his indefatigable work ethic:

This constant #Cullening makes complete sense, as Bedard is a former Globie.

While Bedard has removed LVRJ completely from his Twitter profile, his profile still refers to his other former media employers:

What happened in the 2.5 months Almost-A-Longterm Employee Bedard worked at the LVRJ to have him scrub his time there from his employment history? What is Almost-A-Cullen hiding?

We’ll continue to dig.

While Charred Finn plans Alex Verdugo’s Welcome Party, BJBSJ has it first.

Oh, Greg? Hi.


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