Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 2/26/20

-Wow, there were more cars on the infield at Daytona than players during a bunting drill. See, it always comes back to baseball, Danny!

-Plenty of good seats available at Fenway! Tickets still on sale! So good, so good!

-Maybe Tatum is a good kid, too.

-Kevin Garnett says Charlie Villanueva was like a dog-faced pony boy to his team.

-Maybe Brad Keselowski wouldn’t have spun out if he used full price tires instead of shopping at Town Fair Tire.

-Shocked to learn that John Henry’s favorite player was Stan Musial. He seems way too young and virile for that to be the case!

-Don’t make me take the Steelers’ side, Myles Garrett.

-If there Red Sox had a mailing address in New Hampshire, I bet they wouldn’t have to pay the competitive balance tax and kept Mookie.

-Is that place that re-enamels your Faberge eggs still on Mineral Spring Ave.?

“Getting under the CBT threshhold’ sounds like something Gronk would have been unable to do in order to play last season.

-Did Ryan Newman drive over an old sewing machine during overtime in Daytona?

-It’s not fair Patrick Mahomes didn’t get to drive during overtime.

-Rhubarb, rhubarb, raspberry rhubarb.

-Very unfair a Toyota winning Daytona after Trump visit! Time for tariffs?

-Andy Hart may have a shiny forehead and no qualifications to work in media, but he’s correct that Pro Football Focus is fraudulent.

-Does the the interim designation for Ron Roenicke mean that he can’t upgrade his NESN slam piece until *after* the All-Star Break?

-Good for the Celtics retiring #5. Get fucked, Ray Allen.

-Mr. Peanut died? I didn’t know he was sick!

-I want to buy a Snickers bar. Advertising works!

-Carol Channing was the halftime entertainment the previous time the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl. I bet Mahomes’ kid brother would have loved that! Hello, Frisco!!

-Who makes Jay Glazer’s Neoprene-tight suits? Hobie or Body Glove? Weirdo.

-Coal-powered cares are all the rage in 2020, I see.

-Cheri for Red Sox manager, Merle for bench coach. Who says no?

-The Houston Rockets are playing “Rock N Roll Part 2”. Just saying, Gillette Stadium.

-Fraggle Mahomes 1, Muppet Volin 0. Cold comfort. Maybe Jimmy can rebound on Super Tuesday.

-I’m no Adam Silver, but I think that definitely the best time to make decisions about changing league logos and retired numbers rules is immediately after a tragedy when everyone is hysterical with grief. That’s just science.

-Honk if you remember Wacky Water Writers.

-Bob Kraft is running out of time to plead guilty before his case gets dismissed.

-That NBA All-Star game; what a fourth quarter! Amirite?

-People who claim to be allergic to dogs? Fakers. Mostly.

-Best bet for the weekend? The Seattle Dragons. XFL!


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