03/06/2020 Cleaning Out The Sports Junk Drawer

A Vacation for my Birthday? You shouldn’t have. Really.

I’m just about ready to append the ‘oft-injured’ descriptor to Chris Sale.

You can’t let someone named ‘LeVert’ drop 50 on you, Celtics.

Get well soon, Johnny Boychuck.

Tom Brady is so ready to leave, he’s not even buying any green avocados! Wait, what?

Pop Smoke died? Was it emphysema? Is he survived by Lil Juul? So many questions.

Release the findings, Manfred!

Are lobster rolls back at the 99’s?

Cakes are cooking for David Gilmour, Dick Fosbury, Kiki Dee, and Eddie Deezen.

Way to find the back of the net in OT, Torey Krug. Served those cheap-shotting Floridians right.

Has anyone investigated whether aluminized rubber workout tracksuits cause adult onset attention-deficit disorder? It would explain Parcells, ahkay?

So long, Lunchpail Jackie Welch.

How many people saw The Invisible Man this past weekend?

Remember, this week’s Phrase That Pays is; ‘thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin!’

So all COVID is SARS, but not all SARS is COVID, is that right?

Speaking of Corona virus, I hear they are thinking of playing pro sports games without any fans in attendance. The Tampa Bay Rays have been preparing for that for years!

It’s not fair that Pat Mahomes didn’t win any delegates on Super Tuesday.

Big match upcoming against Bournemouth for Liverpool.

Blehhhhh! Snow on the Cape and Islands! Blehhhh!

Wyoming earns a spot in the Toiurnament with two well-timed wins.

It’s ok to admit you’re worried that the doctors might have confused David Ortiz for Chris Sale and MRI’ed his elbow by mistake. It happens.

Nice work on Senior Night, Diallo & Pipkins.

It’s fun to say ‘Pipkins’.

Knicks management versus Spike Lee may be the new Iran/Iraq we’ve all been waiting for.

I hope Tom Brady can stay in better contact with his people during HIS vacation than I could during mine!

Honk if you remember The Naked i.

Big ups to Kevin and Mike on Route One for their invaluable assistance these past few weeks.

I like the cut of this Ashley Buzzy McHugh’s jib.

Don’t bobble those incoming huuuuge paychecks, Tony Romo.

Do you think Ger Callahan just as a matter of reflex this time of year goes up to minorities at picnic tables and talks to them? I bet he does.

Best bet for the weekend: the EUFA Champions League Round of 16.


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