Long time skimmer, first time writer… As something between a completely legitimate and totally fake consumer advocacy journalist, I felt compelled to make you, the reader, aware of an issue that recently came across my desk (read: my twitter feed).

It was noted that Miguel, the resident cap expert at the Boston Sports Journal, no longer lists the Boston Sports Journal in his twitter profile page.  This piqued my interest so I went straight to the source and found he was still listed on the BSJ’s “Our Staff” tab. 

It is still there as of publication, right below Greg, a doctor and a Conor.  Despite this, when you follow his link, there are no posts under his byline since October 2019.  Curious!

I decided to approach BSJ founder, owner, writer, editor, background checker and recently rehired contributor Greg Bedard about this alleged  disconnect between what subscribers are paying for versus what they are getting.

In the interest of journalistic fairness, I gave Greg the opportunity to clarify Miguel’s role without calling it out. 

This didn’t seem to be getting me anywhere so I asked more directly. 

I mean it would have been quicker…

Since Greg is a very busy person and didn’t have the time to reply to me for a 4th time, I decided to take him up on the offer to address the question via email.  I was immediately met with skepticism, as apparently whether I am a subscriber or not is relevant as to whether he currently staffs a content producer who his site claims is on staff.

I attempted to clarify to Greg that in order to decide whether I want to pay for a subscription, I would need to know what I am buying but that was met with further skepticism.

Email redacted to protect my source… me.

So Greg’s official answer on whether his subscribers, and prospective subscribers, are paying for access to Miguel’s exclusive content is apparently NO COMMENT.  Caveat Emptor.

This reporter certainly won’t speculate as to why answering a yes or no question is so difficult, but I certainly won’t dissuade others for doing so. Drop a line if you have the lowdown.

Editor note: As of publication, this reporter has been soft blocked by Mr. Bedard.




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