Deep Cleaning Out and Also Disinfecting the Sports Junk Drawer

Not a Skybar.

Plenty of 2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox tickets still available folks! Operators are standing by!

Let’s counter the TP shortage with an abundance of T’s & P’s.

Gov Baker does not appear as confident as his sign language guy does.

It’s okay to admit Belichick is being mum on the virus. If we had someone like Jeff Fisher, there’d be press conferences everyday!

I bet Alex Verdugo can’t wait for Social Distancing to end.

Tampa Bay. Tampa. Bay. The one place that makes Foxboro look like Monaco. Be careful what you wish for, Tom.

TD Garden ice should be ok for playoff hockey in July. Sheesh.

Everyone laughed at Chad Finn and his Strat-o-matic baseball. Who’s laughing now, though?

Shank scared by this admittedly odd sports-less environment? Good.

Cakes are cooking for Glenn Close, Bruce Willis and David Ross.

Will the game versus the Buccaneers be every team’s Super Bowl now?

Kung Fu was a great television program.

Can you imagine being the last person to make a coronavirus/Corona beer joke?

The Red Sox AAA affiliate must be sad they get to spend even less time than they planned to in Pawtucket this final year there.

I still don’t like seeing thoes Bobby Orr wearing Blackhawks gear pictures.

Was there a changing of the guard of the local sports scapegoat ceremony between David Price and N’Keal Harry?

Probably best that the Pats Pro Shop remain closed until they get sufficient supplies of Damiere Byrd and Beau Allen jerseys.

Tom Brady will play against New England before Kyrie Irving suits up against the Celtics. Book it.

I wonder if it was David Ortiz’s lookalike friend Sixto that actually failed that leaked PED test back in the day.

You weren’t going to win your March Madness pool anyway.

Remember, gang, this week’s Phrase that Pays is: ‘Jean has a long moustache.’

I’d like to know if there have been any supply disruptions in regards to Krafty Bob’s sneakers.

It’s like Miguel over at patscap no longer works at BSJ. At all.

I need one of the neighborhood red tail hawks to get one of the stupid migrating cowbirds that are pigging out at the bird feeder. You’re not the intended recipient of my largesse!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Dale Arnold completely forgot he had Brady staying when he got the Tampa scoop.

In retrospect, the pass an orange neck-to-neck relay game team building exercise was a poor choice of things to do at the Biogen conference.

If Blue Bloods gets cancelled don’t put it past Mama Bridget to move to California and take Jack with her.

Tawm Curran ripping Field Yates for being a Belichick mouthpiece is…..something.

Honk if you remember the World Hockey Association.

Personally, I’m walking around with asymptomatic Pennant Fever!

Best bet for the weekend: business as usual for bloodthirsty shut-ins.

See everybody back here in a week!

One week later….

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