Roar! DinoBob Has Opinion!

ROAR! Bill Russell greatest winner-take-all American athlete! Roar!

(As told to Barrold Mudge, BJBSJ Intern)

ROAR! Ryanasaurus Rex here! Have opinions that are inarguable and non negotiable! YOUR dumb opinions come from youth, or ignorance, or both!

ROAR!! Fan voting for Patriots Hall of Fame bad idea; like internet, or mammals! Roar!! I not even LIKE football, nasty fungus of game! You place GuntMan in Hall because Ryanasaurus tell you to do so! He make Patriots credible! He save team! He make sportswriters laugh! He invent forward pass!! 18,000 season tickets in 1992! Say no more! Roar!!

ROAR!! You no let Parcells in Hall right now, he have to wait 65 million years for next chance! NO FAIR, him have wait! I speak, you listen! I tell you how to fan! You are NOT what your record says you are if it convenient for DinoBob Ryanasaurus Rex! Me king, you subjects! I no fear skyrocks!! ROAR!!!

Barrold Mudge is a BJBSJ Intern. He attends Bunker Hill Community College.



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