Bonus 5/13/20 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer Extra

Extra + Bonus = Extra Bonus

Stop trying to shoehorn Parcells into the Foxboro Hall, you ink-stained wretches. He deserves better than to be Pat Paulsen.

Ernie Kovacs pioneered TV cast Zoom reunions.

It won’t appear in The Last Dance, but Reggie Smith vs. Spike Lee was peak 90s NBA.

The only thing with more LEOs in it than a Siegfried and Roy show is Jen Royle’s dumper. Well that’s what I heard!

If Alex Jones really wants to eat people I’ll personally drive him to WEEI. NBCBoston for desert?

Join Broad At The Ballpark for a live tweeting of Space Jam, starring Mike Jordham.

We’re still rooting for you Ground Round!

Now are we talking late 1990s/throwing high 90’s America’s Sweetheart Tara Reid? Or ‘botched plastic surgery/Sharknado/dragging herself around a Vegas pool party like a black lab trying to evacuate its anal glands’ Tara Reid? Because if it’s the former… Wait, I’m being told…nevermind.

The giant penis jello mold hanging on the wall in Rob Bradford’s kitchen?Turns out it was based on the TextLine’s penis, sorry Bradfo, It’s just art.

This country had its chance with Alan Keyes … and blew it.

Speaking of, Dale blew Bobby Orr again this week. What a pro.

Well, long tall Sally, she’s built for speed; She got everything that Uncle John needs -Oh baby, yes, baby – Ooh baby, havin’ me some fun tonight, yeah!

It is quite literally a minor miracle that someone from BJBSJ hasn’t got canceled during these 60 days of quarantine. cheers.

I still miss the New Year’s Day ‘Cleaning Up the Sandwich Shoppe.’ A grand tradition. Here’s a small sampler:

-I’d like to see a grappling match between Chaz Bono and Steve Buckley…

-Jackie MacMullan gets heckled too much while standing at the urinal, she’s a reasonably straight shooter…

-Word has it that Andy “Moe” Gresh smells like a dirty dish sponge…

Good stuff, Sandwich Man.

We could save the world if Kraft owned all four teams. And the Globe.

I suppose he does own the fifth team.

Easy with the refreshments this quarantine, Speros has probably high-hosied all the good replacement livers.

Leaving fake reviews is a crime! I’m tracking ISP’s!

Lotta old timers are still not sold on these LED light bulbs, after the curlycue CFL bulb debacle.

You’re the best readers in the business. and I mean it. Stay safe.

Take Care.

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