05/27/2020 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

(Yes. It’s a clip show. Deal with it.)

My personal favorite things found in the Junk Drawer, week by week:

Which World Series, exactly, was Greg Bedard waiting to conclude before releasing the report of his ‘aggressive investigation’ into BSJ’s Mike Loyko’s racist tweets? 5/6/19

Pastrnak is a good kid. 5/20/19

You didn’t hear it from me, but there’s a brisk secondary market online for jarts. 5/29/19

Nice trophy, John W. Henry. The one for the footie match, too. 6/5/19

MBTA should spin all the recent train derailments as being part of a suicide prevention initiative. 6/12/19

Now are Bobos a type of Honk, or a different thing altogether? I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer to this. 6/19/19

Is anyone besides me disappointed there wasn’t an overrated NHL Draft prospect named Puk Puk who had to wait an uncomfortably long time in the green room before being drafted? No? Just me? Okay. 6/26/19

Megan Rapinoe has spent more time in the box than Tie Domi. 7/3/19

Message to the celtics…quit being so stagntic 7/10/19

Fools Gold.Thise who continue to discuss The Phony Rob Gronkiwski Comeback. He is playing you. Get on with the real Spirts world like The Red Sox Collapse this year and one of the great tennis matches in History Yesterday 7/17/19

A ‘Bruin’ is an archaic term for a brown bear! 7/24/19

Not every Chiefs Fan is an ‘ew, Brady kisses his son! On the lips!’ weirdo, but every ‘ew, Brady kisses his son! On the lips!’ weirdo is a Chiefs Fan. 7/31/19

So because of one turtle with a cocaine problem, no one can have regular straws anymore? 8/7/19

WEEI’s Ken Laird can be forgiven for his intemperate remarks made on Pittsburgh radio; how was he to know people would be listening? That’s a new experience for him. 8/14/19

News Item: Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Boy’ dethrones the Lil Nas X/Billy Ray Cyrus collab ‘Old Town Road’ at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 after 19 weeks. The world I grew up in is gone. 8/21/19

They couldn’t make Slap Shot today, what with political correctness. That, and Paul Newman being dead. 8/28/19

UMass Football is the Seinfeld Rental Car Agent of taking the lead. 9/4/19

Was that a 58 yard dink, or a 58 yard dunk from Brady on the TD pass to Dorsett? Asking for a friend. 9/11/19

Why are no wokeness points being awarded for ostensibly irredeemably raaaaacist Boston sports fans closing ranks around AB? Intersectionality is hard. 9/13/19

It must be terribly frustrating for David Ortiz not to know why he was shot. I hope his investigators get to the bottom of things. 9/17/19

‘Hunter Biden’ sounds like an SEC quarterback name. 9/25/19

I bet Sean McDonough can do a terrific Don Orsillo impression. 10/2/19

Vaya con fetti, Rip Taylor. 10/9/19

Globies trying to make ‘Fort Foxborough’ a thing is so fetch. 10/17/19

Jaylen Brown didn’t even need a ‘Get Paid’ tattoo. 10/23/19

I hear tell the Ravens are decidedly not afraid to play you. 10/30/19

To be continued..


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