05/29/2020 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer


…and now, the conclusion.

I have grave concerns about the fading possibilities of Peter King’s Fairness Bowl. 11/6/19

Tell us again what a good guy John Tomase is, fellow media types. After all, a lie repeated enough becomes the truth. 11/13/19

I would see the movie about the making of a ‘Julia Robets as Harriet Tubman’ movie. 11/20/19

I liked things better when nostalgia wasn’t as prevalent. 11/27/19

Why were C’s fans focused on Kyrie Irving, Jaylen? Maybe because you played his new team twice within 3 days, and he sat out both games with an earache or a hysterical pregnancy or some such nonsense? 12/4/19

How’s that saying go? “A lie can get halfway around the world while Dianna Russini is still putting her pants back on”? 12/11/19


– ESPN treats the NHL like it’s the Tiffany Trump of pro sports. 1/18/20

-Did Doris Burke purchase Carrie Fisher’s dentures at auction? 1/22/20

-BJBSJ had #FireCora first. 2/8/2020

-Let’s say the Red Sox management group were actively trying to be the fourth most popular team in town. What would they be doing differently? 2/28/2020

It’s not fair that Pat Mahomes didn’t win any delegates on Super Tuesday. 03/06/2020

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Henri ‘Pocket Rocket’ Richard died. He died. 03/11/2020

In this time of social distancing, is it really safe for Bob Kraft to employ Troy Brown as a human shield? 03/17/2020

Personally, I’m walking around with asymptomatic Pennant Fever! 03/19/2020

But what if getting blocked on Twitter by a vapid adulteress is the sort of thing to make me contemplate suicide? What then, lady? 03/26/2020

Can MIT graduates practice Social Distancing by standing a Smoot away from everyone else? Huh? HUH!?! 04/01/2020

Tara Reid would have been fine sitting around the house smoking Tareytons and drinking boxed sauv blanc all day. Just sayin’. 04/08/2020

Who makes a finer London Broil than Bickford’s? 04/15/2020

Xander Bogaerts will play more games in Tampa Bay than Rob Gronkowski will. Book it. 04/22/2020

Rohrwasser should tell people that his tattoo represents the 3 percent of Patriots fans who think Belichick can draft. 04/29/2020

People who two days ago couldn’t have told you if Monti Ossenfort was a person or a ski resort in Austria will now tell you his leaving the Patriots is devastating to the team. Obviously. 05/06/2020

Must be nice to have a kitchen counter. 05/13/2020

-I’d like to see a grappling match between Chaz Bono and Steve Buckley…05/13/2020Bonus

Backtracking a couple weeks it sounds like Earl Thomas talks a way better game with a gun in his face than Steve McNair did. 05/20/2020

Thanks to each and every one of my literal dozens of loyal readers over the past 12 months. More fresh content will follow the next 12. Promise.


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