Fo Shizzle My Douchenozzle

He’s fascinated by hip-hop. And racism.

Bedard Steps ‘N’ It.

A mere 619 days after Greg Bedard promised to get to the bottom of his employment of racist n-word purveyor Mike Loyko, the embattled proprietor of hyperlocal Boston Sports Journal finds himself in a similar tar baby of a predicament.

In an exchange with Mike “Surfer Girl” Giardi, (it’s okay if you’ve never heard of him) Greg saw fit to respond to a Tweet with the phrase “fo shizzle my nizzle” a phrase popularized by Snoop Dogg. For the unfamiliar, the “nizzle” in question is a bastardization of the big kahuna of racial epithets. Even if we forgive Greg for his ignorance on this front (we don’t) using it in the colloquial “fo” at this moment in America is, at best, racist as fuck.

Whispers from trusted sources indicate Bedard may have been fired by the Las Vegas Review Journal for racially insensitive comments and behavior.

BSJ? More like WTF.

Requests for comment from Duron Harmon were not returned by the time this article went to print.




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