The Media Mazz of the Week!

Media Mazz of the Week!

The triumphant, long overdue return of the Media Mazz of the Week! will not happen today.

We, the BJBSJ Interns, know there are are going to be people that are not supportive of this situation, and that’s fine. If that means you unfollow us, be our guest. We just don’t think at this time, with the situation going on in this country, we can in good conscience, poke fun at, or speak poorly of, the true heroes of this moment, the sports media.

The sports media has reacted amazingly during this difficult time. The athletes and coaches that actually boycotted, or striked, or struck, or protested, or whatever, are fortunate to bask in the reflected glow of the sports media. Woj, Shams, Woj again, I can go on. The tweets and retweets and supportive logrolling between media was utterly heartwarming.

And to denigrate these virtual firefighters, the media, would be, at this time, wrong. As wrong as making a snap decision based on 20 seconds of context-free portrait mode cell phone camera video. So there will be no awarding of the Media Mazz of the Week today. It is the least we could do.

Signed- The interns.

No Mazz today. Sorrey!


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