09/23/2020 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Allegiant Stadium *is* breathtaking.

Jason Whitlock is wrong about a lot of things. Katie Nolan being a complete zero? That’s not one of them.

Only a despicable ghoul would ‘can confirm’ James White’s father dying in an auto accident. RIP, Miami-Dade Police Captain Tyrone White.

And teasing a report of positive COVID test in the NFL? What is wrong with you people?!

No one is talking about how the Red Sox are going to set a new team record for fewest losses.

Can Doris Burke take Ginsberg’s seat on the Supreme Court?

Why doesn’t the Al Davis Memorial Torch come with granny glasses on a chain?

Paul’s Boutique is the best Beastie Boys record. I have the data.

Since Jeff Benedict is too scared to say it in his new book Dynasty, John Tomase is the Herald reporter who dreamed up the false story of the taped Rams walkthrough. That’s J-O-H-N T-O-M-A-S-E. John Tomase.

Cakes are cooking Marty Schottenheimer, Bruce Springsteen, Maren Jensen, Karl Pilkington, and Anneliese Van der Pol.

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A network TV program getting nominated for an Emmy must feel like an AFC team reaching the Super Bowl in the mid 90’s.

Fall – not unlike tequila if you ask me.

All those injuries due to the MetLife Stadium turf? I hope nothing happens as a result of that to the sainted Mara family!

Update: They just called a foul on Theis.

I don’t want to say Rob Gronkowski is washed up, but he does endorse Tide Pods!


Dynasty by Jeff Benedict is the best book I’ve ever read about Bob Kraft’s college bachelor years.

This. Leagie.

Is it sustainable for Ben Volin to conduct this much film study for a full 16 games? Just asking the question.

Walter Dyer is NOT Leather?

Aaron Rodgers has skateboarder calves. Eat an avocado one time. Weirdo.

I wonder if Mike on Route 1 ever thinks about the joy he stole from the world when he murdered our wittle angel?

How did no one submit a pic of Whitey to turn into a cardboard cutout to place in the stands at Fenway?

Dallas? Dallas has a hockey team? GTFO.

‘Aroused Blogger Chard Finn’ does has a certain ring to it

After listening to Kirk’s “defense” of Blind Mike the other day, odds that BM kills himself have been taken off the board.

Did the Antifa Marching Band perform at halftime at the Pats/Seahawks tilt?

Hope you had a pleasant autumnal equinox. That’s right: I say ‘autumnal.’

Hey hey hey, ba de ya, say do you remember?
Ba de ya, dancing in September,
Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day.


Hey gang of unasked-for sequel makers, today’s Phrase that Pays is “Climate change is making them highly aggressive toward everything!”

Land sakes, Ma; you buy a dedicated loaf of bread each week to feed the birds, you don’t have to give them the hamburger rolls too!

I could probably win an Emmy, if they carved out an entire category for me.

From the period of September 13th-19th, the NFL administered a total 36,664 tests to players and team personnel. A total of five tests were positive, with ZERO positive tests amongst players. Continued good work, dedication and discipline by all involved.

Honk if you remember Lum’s.

Yes, yes, we get it with the clever headlines, Bob Kraft is going to get off. Verrry droll.

Go see Tenet in a theater.

BC Football is back, baby!

BJBSJ was, in part, inspired by Katie Nolan doing whatever she does.

Best bet for the weekend: Frank Caliendo. Sigh.

Happy Mo Lewis Day, everyone.

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