10/07/2020 Vigilantly Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer Phase 3 Step 2 (Lower Risk Communities)


Upside to this Covid stuff is it gives Cam Newton some time to heal up that hamstring.

It took Glenn ‘Doc’ Rivers 72 hours to get a new gig. Marisa Ingemi remains on the market.

Alex Verdugo didn’t start on opening day!

Let me guess, all the doctors all said they’ve never seen an immune system so powerful! Just tremendously so.

Know what goes smooth with a pandemic? Tequila, that’s what.

Sometimes I feel like I have to hide my gifts to dumb it down to be a blogger. I study philosophy, I’m a scholar, I’m a nerd by trade, I just happen to be great at blogging because…

When you make fun of Trump by citing a very specific brand of skin bronzer, you may need some self reflection.

Cakes are cooking for John Cougar Mellencamp, Vladimir Putin, Judy Landers, and Dwayne Provo.

OMF 3.7 rating. Futility Lou is going to have to switch to store brand shoe polish.

Wait a second, BJ Deen is still a thing? How? Why?

I think instead of putting up the storm windows, folks now have their lawn sprinkler system winterized to signal the end of baseball season for the Red Sox.

Albert Haynesworth wasn’t called a ‘former Patriots player’ in any of the headlines about his arrest?

Kate Hudson is proof women with small boobs can be beautiful too.

Is that new Jake from State Farm on the same training regimen as Luke Voit?

Ha ! Hack Clown lol NAZI!!

So when a filly wins a Triple Crown Race, is the purse only 83% what a stallion would earn?

Bills just cut O’Hannon. They must really like the Polynesian kid at guard.

@stever324. Owning.

Could we give some of those Trump roids to Uppy and Eddie?

Big Norah O’Donnell fan.

You know who deserves another go-round at WEEI? Pete Sheppard.

Hmm. (nods) Peanut Tillman. Yes. I see. (nods)

Not happy with Brian Hoyer. Six seasons in Bill Belichick’s womb, and THAT is the result?

Wait, Cam Newton buys his canary yellow undertaker hats at the mall?

MCI, LAX, MHT, MCO, MDW, BOS, RSW…all of us at BJBSJ are also experts in airport codes bro.

“Hospital Balls and cover 2 RPOs will lead to many spider 2y bananas tonight, callers” – Sportney Fallon


Bill o brien..donesko..another failed belichick disciple

I say
I don’t like cricket oh no
I love it
I don’t like cricket no no
I love it
Don’t you walk thru my words
You got to show some respect
Don’t you walk thru my words
‘Cause you ain’t heard me out yet.

Brick and mortar retail is struggling, and Cam gets that. Thank you, Cam.

Honk if you remember week 4 of the 2014 NFL season.

Chris Gasper enjoys Hocus Pocus.

WEEI needs a fresh voice. I think Mikey Adams might just be the guy they are looking for.

Wait a minute. Can we take a second and discuss how the fuck BJ Dean is a real thing? How? Why, and furthermore Susan, faking the gay for internet clout seems highly problematic IMO.

Theodore S?

I know it’s the trite and obvious answer, but Eddie was always my favorite Van Halen lead guitarist. Rest in peace.

Pray for Easterby. Or against him. Your choice.

Best bet for the weekend: Remdesivir.

Edward. Lodewijk. Van Halen.

material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, other writers, league and team sourcesand #the15 were used in this column. Done on my Android phone when my laptop wouldn’t connect to the inta-net.


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