10/28/2020 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Oh no, Arthur. You went down to the field? Oh no. Just no.

Do two fake bubble titles equal one real one? If so, congrats and mazel tov to the city of Los Angeles!

Notice me, Dzensy!

Anyone broken this ‘Tom Brady Effect’ story yet? Everyone? Oh.

Where have all the punter/quarterback hybrids gone?

World Series hero Mookie Betts? Not so sure of that, Tone.

Is Jeff Garcia right about Cam? Was TO right about Garcia? IJATQC.

In other news today daniel jones with a weekend off..is making plans to go on a TRIP to see his family..rim shot.

How is it fair that Antonio Brown gets another chance and Marisa Ingemi doesn’t?

Cakes are cooking for Lenny Wilkens, Dennis Franz, Daphne Zuniga, Jami Gertz, and Julia Roberts.


No parades. Sad.

BC Football is back. That’s it; that’s the post.


Well, This Is Us premiered last night so we’ll probably see a bump in the suicide rate. TB12 will be vindicated.

I can’t beLIEVE Coach Bill didn’t want to create the appearance of a quarterback controversy!

’73 A’s-Mets. Darold Knowles P all 7 games. G1:Fingers in 6th, 3.1 IP, Knowles last 2 outs. G2-Fingers in 10th,2.2 IP, Mets win in Mike Andrews’s unjust nightmare. G 3 Fingers 11th inning save. G8 enter 8th, 4 out save. G7 Fingers in 6th, 3.1 IP, Knowles gets final out.

I love benadryl. It’s so mid.

I’ve already forgiven Cam for his dreadful mistakes against the Bills thanks to his refreshingly blunt self-assessments that his mistakes are ‘unacceptable’.

gonna eat 2 hotpockets and put cheerios on them

Having to wear a winter coat over your Halloween costume when out trick-or-treating never happens on TV or in the movies.

Chris Berman is at the ‘Bob Hope wearing a hippie wig’ phase in his career.

NHL 3rd Alternate Sweater SZN.

Tabasco is now trending. Tremendous. #Cowboys

The play where Cam “missed” N’Keal Harry in the first quarter it’s HOSS Z Juke vs two-high. Defense has 3 over 2 on seam-hitches. The read for Cam in that case is the juke route (Edelman) isolated on a LB. As much as you want Cam to hit this, its the right read IMO.

What’s the plan for this cheese?

Who is the guy in the NFL on CBS production trailer who makes sure there’s never a good angle on the replay on Patriots plays and why is he a Jets fan?

You never see an old man eating a Twix.

What the hell does Cam Newton wear for Halloween?

MAGA sportswriters at the Herald endorsed Trump. Well, that’s the way I heard it!

Can’t wait for the ‘Black Cats Matter’ Very Special Episode of Cat Detective coming this November on…CBS!

If you have an iPhone , I recommend using your notes app and keep your passwords there.

Red Sox Twitter is crying about declining Martin Perez’s option despite the small fact that he fucking sucks.

Hey gang, ghouls, ghosts and goblins, this week’s Phrase that Pays is “Salem is Closed.”

Maltese naugahyde isn’t quite as good as Corinthian leather.

I want Jeff Benedict to write a book about me!

PayPal probably doesn’t have an email address of agnaes.rfoxcfctfoc@rfoxcfcscryt.zhug.mailmemekupdatinf.com, right? Didn’t think so.

The chipmunks, they move like they’re rendered at a different frame rate.

Got to pick up the phone I will call any number; I will talk to anyone.
I know I’m gone too far Much too far I gone this time and I don’t want to think what I’ve done.
Cause I don’t know how to stop, I don’t know how to stop.

There are always hidden silences. Waiting behind the chair.
They come out when the coast is clear. They eat anything that moves.
I go shaky at the knees. Lights go out, stars come down, like a swarm of bees. No self control.

A: Turnips.

#ShowtimeCam? JV.

Honk if you remember the 2011 Halloween Nor’easter.

It’s a good thing I unilaterally called for a spot audit of that 70 count mixed bag of Butterfinger/Baby Ruth/Nestle Crunch bars. Nine Baby Ruths! Shame!

Ah yes, the old Hitler costume bit.

Sixteen years ago Shank’s book started making the inevitable sad procession to the 99 cent remainder table. Good riddance.

Must be nice to win a World Series.

Best bet for the weekend: Bills fans acting like it’s 2002.

Wafers. Maybe next Halloween.

material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, other writers, league and team sourcesand #the15 were used in this column. You got to pick up every stitch. Two rabbits runnin’ in the ditch. Beatniks out to make it rich. Oh no, must be the season of the witch.

Must be nice.

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